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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Phil Ridout

Phil Ridout

Linkroll problems - 23 views

bug linkroll
started by Phil Ridout on 29 Sep 09 no follow-up yet
  • Phil Ridout
    There seem to be a number of problems with linkrolls in V4.
    1) The RSS Feed image URL is incorrect. Putting the code on a site with domain results in a link to (Great to have a link though - thanks for this). Does this mean we have to put a copy of the .gif file in our website rather than the widget defaulting to

    2) When specifying a tag in 'only these tags', the bookmarks that appear in the preview are not the same as those that appear when the code is inserted in a webpage

    3) For some tags in 'only these tags', no bookmarks are appearing even in the preview even though there are bookmarks tagged with that tag.
Phil Ridout

Group Tagrolls problem still present in V4 - 14 views

bug tagroll
started by Phil Ridout on 29 Sep 09 no follow-up yet
Phil Ridout

Saving existing bookmark to group overwrites existing tags? - 92 views

priority bug dataloss overwrite tag bookmark copy share group tag-related group bookmarks suggestion 956964 986916 999099
  • Phil Ridout
    I just saved a bookmark to a group that had previously been saved by another group member. When I saved it I used just a single tag. Now it seems that that single tag has replaced the three tags the other group member had used when they saved the bookmark. I would have expected my tag to have been added to the tags in the group. Is this a bug or a (undesirable) feature?
  • Phil Ridout
    Thanks for your very quick response. I'm impressed.

    " .. who is the owner ..."

    The Group is. Or should be. As far as I can see, when I bookmark a site and save it to a group, two copies of that bookmark are created. One in my bookmarks and one in the group bookmarks. The copy in the group bookmarks should not 'belong' to me. It should now 'belong' to the group. In this case, I think it would be much more useful if the tags were additive rather than 'the last person to save the bookmark defines the tags'. That way you get to build a picture of how the group tags bookmarks rather than how the last person to save it tags bookmarks. I still have 'my' copy which shows how I tagged it.

    Now I understand what the current behaviour is, I can watch out for it. But could I make a feature request for the future that when saving a previously saved bookmark to a group, the tags are added to the existing bookmarks rather than replace them.
  • Phil Ridout
    At the very least, you should get a warning !
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