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How do you remove a hightlight or unhighlight? - 1214 views

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    Anybody know how to get rid of a highlight you didn't really want to have?
  • LC Stuff
    There's no delete highlight or unhighlight option with a right click. Any other suggestions?
LC Stuff

Importing Delicious Tags in 2011 - 74 views

Delicious import
  • LC Stuff
    Has anyone successfully imported Delicious tags this year? I've used this page several times in the last two weeks & they no confirmation from Diigo & no tags.
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  • LC Stuff
    I got the notification on Feb 08 & 09 the bookmarks were imported, and they do seem to be there. However, I see some odd behavior regarding imported tags:

    1) I don't see all my tags listed when I click on "view all tags" on the bottom left of the My Library page. If I Edit my tags, it shows I only have 26 tags in Diigo. My Delicious account had 781 tags.
    2) If I filter my library by my tag "usability" it finds 153 bookmarks, but if I don't filter the library, it shows I have only 21 bookmarks tagged with "usability."
    3) If I Edit my tags, it doesn't even show "usability" as a tag.

    Did I misinterpret something? Thanks for checking on this Sandy.

    Leslie Carter,
    Usability Analyst
  • LC Stuff
    Working much better now Sandy. Thanks!

    However, on a related note:
    1) Why would a tag I haven't used in 4 years show up under "Recent Tags"
    2) Why would the number of tags next to a recent tag be inaccurate? My Library under "Recent Tags" lists "usability" as having 21 items when I have 152 bookmarks tagged with usability.

    Leslie Carter
    Usability Analyst
  • LC Stuff
    The last time I tagged anything with "RUP" was in 2008 & it was 2007 since I used the "pocketPC" tag, yet they are listed under my recent tags. I add a new bookmark almost every day, so I doubt anything tagged 3-4 years ago was in my last 100 bookmarks.

    My tag "Fireworks" should probably be listed under "Recent Tags" well before my "RUP" or "pocketPC" tags.

Delicious import says complete, but no tags or bookmarks - 71 views

delicious import missing bookmarks tags Firefox Windows 7
started by anonymous on 09 Feb 11 no follow-up yet
  • LC Stuff
    Same for me. I tried last month & still not data imported from Delicious despite the email saying it was done.
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