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Graham Perrin

diigo doesn't send bookmarks to wordpress account via auto blog post - 110 views

i was able to get the blogs set up in diigo but when i assign a new job, it appears to be working but nothing is send to the blog

bug WordPress auto blog post trouble does not send articles to

Richard Lloyd

IDEA | Diigo Sidebar - 44 views

Screen shots at show the seven steps from the sidebar view of my library (Diigo to the comments field in Diigo Meta. Shot 2 of 7 shows the Diigo m...

sidebar suggestion meta edit send comment bookmark library

Graham Perrin

3.1.22: Internet Explorer 8 in Windows 7 RC Build 7100: Send: to Email and Diigo friend... - 3 views

In the dialogue titled Send via Email / Diigo Message System the three check boxes seem to be misplaced. At least, one of the check boxes is drawn over the letter P of the word Private so the use...

bug UI GUI 3.1.22 Internet Explorer 8 Windows 7 send layout gpd4

started by Graham Perrin on 20 Aug 09 no follow-up yet
Sara Stephens

how to configure google reader's "send to" feature for diigo? - 1205 views

There's a service that does that. It's called Basically, you set up tasks, like "starred Greader items to diigo" and it does it automatically.

google_chrome Google Reader send API help resolved application programming interface

Graham Perrin

Something similar to this feature? - 21 views

Try the Watchlist feature. It appears when you view a person's collection of bookmarks.

delicious inbox friends help send message resolved

Raman Adlakha

When using "Send" toolbar item, I cannot see all contacts as I type... - 18 views

This is the same problem I am facing too. I get the drop down for first three letters - a, b, c only. Tried and reproduced exactly the same problem on FireFox 3.5.2 on a XP laptop and Home V...

send contacts type

yc c

Dashboard: Bookmarks specially shared with me: how do I specially share something with ... - 707 views

Anyone: we can't figure out how becomes populated. Mine remains empty. Can anyone recall how this feature is used? TIA Graham share send menu special help gpd4

Graham Perrin

Quickly Save and share with individual contact - 45 views

Thanks... I found (and find) this a bit confusing. I see how it works, but: If I choose "Share with Friends" there's no way to specify an individual Diigo contact (seems like there should be)....

bookmark sharing contacts save send help resolved review

Stéphane Métral

XMLRPC error with Drupal - 109 views

It *was*, in fact, a bug - it isn't anymore. I posted the same message to drupal support, and they got right on it. It should work now, although you will probably have to put '1' in for the 'blogID...

XMLRPC Send to Blog MetaWebLog Drupal bug


Send to Blog - Wordpress not a choice - 187 views

You are my hero! The pointing triangle was the solution and I guess you're right that right-click isn't an option -- though diigo's site says it is. Thank you for taking the time to help me out! ...

blog send to wordpress

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