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Antony Earthling

Share to Google Reader/Buzz - 92 views

Google Buzz Google Reader share bookmarks integration

started by Antony Earthling on 27 Oct 10
  • Antony Earthling
    Is it possible to bulk-share public bookmarks in My Library to Google Reader/Buzz? That would be killer! I just discovered the 'Share to Buzz' feature in Chrome Extension, and I love it! All the highlighted text shows as bullet points in Google Buzz post as a perfect summary. Sharing nirvana! I love that I can share to Google Buzz, which serves as an aggregator for my blog, Twitter, RSS favorites, and now Diigo. But sharing one page at a time is a chore. Does anyone else feel that this function should be automated? How about a batch export tool + a setting to optionally share all public bookmarks to Google Buzz by default? Sorry if this topic has already been explored - I didn't find anything in search.
  • Antony Earthling
    I am not finding the option to share to Google Reader/Buzz in FF toolbar! Where is it hiding? I don't want to believe that the browser add-ons can be so out of sync with each other.
  • Sean Brady
    This is not a very direct route, but you could take the RSS feed from Diigo and feed it through Feedburner. From Feedburner you can enable the Socialize option which will allow you to send your Diigo links to Twitter. Twitter can then feed into Buzz. I am sure there are other paths like this that would work as well.

    I do love the share option in the Chrome extension though. It makes it very easy to post items to Buzz. Combine that with the nice display of annotations and you end up with a great tool for personal knowledge sharing.
  • Antony Earthling
    @Sean, Thanks for the tip. I imagine with Feedburner, you get only the headlines but not the bullet points generated from Diigo highlights, or do you? I will have to try it. The bullet points are awesome as they provide a natural summary of the resource -- no need to spend time typing up a separate description in Buzz. I've added the idea here. Please vote it up if you'd like to see it in future versions.
  • Sean Brady
    Yea, i dont think you will get annotations that way.

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