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Maggie Tsai

[Sharing] Please share your "Creative Uses for Diigo" - 125 views

usecase spam (electronic)

started by Maggie Tsai on 19 Nov 08
  • Maggie Tsai
    Thanks to Mansel Wells's suggestion, I'd like to open up a new discussion on "Creative Uses for Diigo"

    If you have something that you'd like to share with us and the community - It can be as simple as a favorite Diigo feature that you like and why, to how you use diigo in general or a specific use scenario, an interesting list that you have built and you'd like us to showcase it, an active group that you'd like to profile, etc...

    As long as it's not spam / commercially motivated, don't be shy - we'd love to hear from you! Let's keep this thread active - so we can all share and learn from each other!
  • Sean Brady
    One of the things that I have always wanted out of Google (and my bookmarks) was to be able to search Google and have the related items from my bookmarks display at the top of the list. I almost always search Google from the search box in Firefox. I type Ctrl+K on my keyboard, type my query and hit enter.

    With Diigo, I can set my default search to Diigo+Google. When I do that I get the list of my Diigo bookmarks that match my query, as well as the actual Google results. You can add the special Diigo & Google search by using the customize feature of the Diigo toolbar at

    My one suggestion for improving this feature would be to add a button to the custom Google search results that would quick/fast add the link to Diigo.

    Sample Search Result:
  • Vahid Masrour
    Tag cloud is nice, but what i would really like is to be able to arrange the elements in a mindmap... Diigo then becomes a Personal Knowledge Repository tool. It would require a tool such a or similar where i could take the tag cloud and arrange it according to my fancies in different branches and interests. I should be able to create links between topics and look at other peoples' similiarly tagged branches.

    That map would be shared just as are the rest of the tags system.

  • Graham Perrin
    Maggie Tsai wrote:

    > As long as it's not spam / commercially motivated, don't be shy -
    > we'd love to hear from you! Let's keep this thread active - so we
    > can all share and learn from each other!

    Maggie, thanks; that pretty much answers one of two questions that I have wanted to ask for a while:

    * in this topic, and in this forum, are you happy for group members to discuss products/services other than Diigo -- when those services are competing, contending, coinciding or simply overlapping?

    -- key words: potential interactions

    * might we start a separate topic, along the lines of 'Costs, subscriptions, pledges'?

    All in context of course (not spam).

    Diigo's flexible and *unique* enough for me to *not* worry that any of the *few* services I have in mind might lure people away ;)

    To be clear: I don't imagine that discussion is stifled, but recalling the Description of this group --

    >> Share your review, tips, tricks, and ideas for using Diigo here,
    >> and discuss our features, ideas for new features, anything Diigo
    >> related.

    -- and the reasons for which non-members may have chosen to become members of this group -- I wonder how appropriate it is to discuss products/services other than Diigo *in this particular forum* ...
  • Maggie Tsai
    As a group owner, long ago I've set a policy that all sharing / discussions in this particular group should be Diigo-related. This policy is set to deter potential spam, and to make it easier for users who wish to find Diigo-related reviews, help, tips, input, etc.

    I'd like to continue enforcing this policy to make it easier to maintain the group. Should there be other interests, one is most welcome to form another interest group / discussions. Sounds good ? :-)
  • Graham Perrin
    Maggie, thanks, that sounds _very_ good. Just checking. The question was timely as (in group conversations away from this forum) there's discussion of both Linkedin and Facebook.

    I'll tend towards a Diigo group more than an open-invitation conversation, only because I (personally) don't find invitation activities appealing.

    (Thinking about 'Next phase Diigo - the future' … a mass of the seeds in there are not specific to Diigo. Should that become a group?)

    I shan't rush to open any other group during brainstorming sessions. It'll be fair to allow a few days' rest. No rush for you to reply to this bit of the thread :)


    Postscript: URLs such as do not redirect in WebKit, and I _like_ that behaviour. It's a good way of _encouraging closure_ of topics (in Diigo annotated view, the [Reply] button is suppressed :) with focus on annotations.
  • Graham Perrin
    From a workflow perspective, and with half a thought to an iPhone/mobile-iniated workflow, I'd like to:

    * rapidly and carelessly throw my tasty bookmarks into a honeypot

    * when I'm ready -- probably, when I'm at a desktop or laptop with some display real estate -- send honey bee envoys, with Diigo pollen, to friends and to groups.

    More specifically:

    * I don't like dealing with bookmarks one-by-one, don't like the apparent separations between friends, some of my friends, lists and groups

    * I don't find immediately appealing/intuitive the current workflow/dialogue(s) for sending/sharing, especially for communicating with friends.

    Thinking more visually, I would:

    * periodically arrange clusters of bookmarks, clusters of destinations

    * somehow drag and drop between clusters.

    Even more visually:

    * clustering occurs most neatly with hexagons

    * hexagons form a honeycomb

    * bees, pollen, Diigo users, potential Diigo users

    * honeypot for Facebook, honeypot for Linkedin

    * sweet :)

    More intelligently, a task for the Diigo buzzworders:

    * people and groups should fall into place within a honeycomb _automatically_ (at least, based on semantic/explicit/implicit associations)

    * the regular nestling of an individual alongside one or more groups need not (should not?) suggest membership of such groups

    -- incidentally, I should _never_ want to be bothered by suggestions, however intelligent, for me to steer my acquaintances towards groups

    -- that's not me being anti-social ;) see below, 'Horrors'!


    * Vahid Masrour here for visualising a mapping of elements, and in [Brainstorming session] Diigo & Facebook / Linkedin


    * applications in Facebook

    -- I religiously block 99.99% of applications without even looking at them, they're a shocking waste of time, YMMV.

    Postscript: deleted two potentially off-topic words, sorry!
  • Sean Brady
    One thing that I think works quite well is the use of the preview option when looking at a group of bookmarks. For example, if I decide to browse the Hot Bookmarks section I can scroll through the various links, and if something catches my eye quickly click the preview option and take closer look. If I find the article interesting enough I will typically do a quick save on the link as well as open the link in a new tab. Hopefully I can then turn around and finish reading it, if not al least I have it captured for later review.

    A suggestion to make this workflow a bit better would be to have keyboard short cuts to move from one link to the next, display the preview, open in a new tab, and even quick save.
  • Graham Perrin
    Sean Brady wrote:

    > make this workflow a bit better would be to have keyboard short cuts
    > to move from one link to the next, display the preview, open in a
    > new tab, and even quick save.

    +1 to that type of thing. for an annotated view of this topic, with cross-references.
  • Graham Perrin
    Sean Brady wrote:

    > keyboard short cuts to move from one link to the next, display the
    > preview, open in a new tab, and even quick save.

    In an area other than Diigo, I recently became aware that it can be unexpectedly difficult to find a set of short cuts that suits a variety of audiences and/or a variety of platforms and/or a variety of browsers. Debate is heated and critically, the risk of conflict - with other short cuts - is high.

    Still, I do remain in favour of short cuts - I'm a prolific user of such things.
  • Graham Perrin
    With apologies to Maggie: for this topic, did you have in mind _current_ uses and _existing_ features?

    (As the topic arose in the midst of brainstorming sessions elsewhere, so the topic naturally became a future/wish list … ;)
  • Sean Brady
    Just tried something and it worked so I thought I would share. I was drafting an e-mail message, for a blog post, and wanted to include the link I had just bookmarked. I thought I would try just opening the Diigo toolbar and seeing if I could drag and drop some links, and sure enough, it worked. I had the title and the link easy peasy.

    I took it a step further in Google Docs and did a quick search in the sidebar, selected all of the results (it included the time stamp) and dragged the set into my document and it worked as well. This is pretty neat, and a good side effect of the sidebar being generated in HTML.

    I recorded a quick video of the Google Docs drag and drop.

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