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Graham Perrin

Bug | FF Toolbar | Reset toolbar data - 19 views

> reset toolbar data Is that a Firefox command, or a Diigo command?

toolbar bugs bug reset toolbar reset

Graham Perrin

"Hide Annotations" Bug In Toolbar - 31 views

I FIGURED IT OUT!! This is a big bug!!! Please respond when you get to this!! Here's the problem. If you have "Hide all annotations" selected, then it shuts off the toolbars ability to recogniz...

bug toolbar bugs annotations help bookmarking

The Ravine / Joseph Dunphy

Censorship on Diigo? This would be a problem | Diigo - 4 views

    Discussion on Diigo Community. I found that posts that were supposed to be public were being turned into private ones, and that others were having the same problem.
    Please do not clutter the group by bookmarking your topic then adding tags and comments to your bookmark of your topic. Please, simply add your comment to your topic.
Graham Perrin

Old bookmarks dispearing or not complete - 13 views

Subject: Old bookmarks dispearing or not complete Other subject: edition of URL of bookmark > what is the reason Diigo does not let us edit URLs? Amongst the answers to frequently asked que...

Diigo bookmarks Old bookmarks bugs bookmark bug suggestion

Graham Perrin

Search as you type bookmarks crashed my browser - 21 views

yuppi c wrote: > can crash my browser, if not it lags. > Firefox 3.5.2 Firefox crashes and performance problems should be reported to developers of Firefox. Regards Graham

Diigo GUI search-feature bugs crash browser Firefox menu FAYT crash (computing)

media net

Editing bookmarks and RSS-feed - 52 views

thanks dor reply! everything works fine for me now! francois

bugs RSS bug bookmark edit resolved thanks thank you

Graham Perrin

Diigo blog: WordPress: Error establishing a database connection - 21 views

Same error. I guess, work in progress behind the scenes by Diigo people :)

bugs bug blog priority gpd4

Graham Perrin

Title missing from 'All annotations' and Diigo about - 9 views

Parallel discussion:

bugs bug annotation title HTML gpd4


Floating sticky note from contextual mouse menu - 22 views

Problem solved Graham I had the last version of toolbar, but I have reinstalled it and the problem was solved

bug sticky notes bugs resolved

Lars Bauer

Summary of issues with ampersand and semicolon in URL, title or description - 24 views

Issue 2 is still unresolved and I'd very much appreciate if someone could look into this. If there is an official tool for saving bookmarks to Delicious, Diigo should make sure it really works. How...

ampersand semicolon url cache save-elsewhere delicious bugs bug

Peter A  Schott

Getting "rule.selectorText is undefined" error on Scrumworks site - 5 views

I'm getting a "rule.selectorText is undefined" error when trying to use a product called "Scrumworks" whenever I try to edit an item while Diigo is enabled. If I disabled Diigo, the product works ...

bugs block feature-request bug suggestion help

started by Peter A Schott on 01 Jul 09 no follow-up yet
Maggie Tsai

Group RSS Feed displaying Nodes out of order / missing - 50 views

Thanks for everyone's input . We have high priority tasks at hand now. When we have more time, will review our 1-mile long of "to-do" list :)

rss feed group bugs loss order confusion inconsistency priority

Graham Perrin

Tools/Tagrolls Problems - 28 views

See also relating to tagrolls.

Tagrolls alphabetical blog count bugs bug

The Ravine / Joseph Dunphy

What the ... Diigo misfires - 34 views

Graham Perrin wrote: > > At a few points during the process, I saw Internet Explorer crash > > a few times, mentioning the Diigo toolbar as being the reason > > Please let us know: ...

bug bugs spam (electronic)

Graham Perrin

More Tag Problems & Queries - 81 views

Tag portlet with tags in alphabetical order Graham Perrin wrote: > Please let us know: > > * your operating system and version > * your browser and version I found that information in...

Tags Bugs tag bug


group members joining - 48 views

Thanks for the help Graham! You're right, I can share that link around, and any Diigo user that clicks on it joins the group. Perfect! Cheers, Andrew

bugs bug

Graham Perrin

Toolbar Failing to Display Items to Left of Highlight - 60 views

> Once or twice in the past I found (and posted) some other workaround, > tagged the topic thoughtfully, but at the moment I > can't relocate the topic :( ah well never mind Found that other to...

Toolbar bugs Firefox help custom drag drop resolved

Roar Skullestad

Not able to delete Sticky notes - 39 views

When I click the delete button in the sticky notes pop-up, it does disappear. But when I open the pop-up again (or go to by bookmarks page), it is still there. I run Firefox 3.0.3 on MAC OS-X. Cou...

sticky note bugs bug

started by Roar Skullestad on 31 Oct 08 no follow-up yet
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