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RBL Academy - Contact Us - 0 views

    Best Coaching, Online Tuition and Home tuition for Class 11, 12, Accounts, Business Studies, Economics, BBA, B.Com, MBA & CA. Projects and Assignment solution for BBA, B. Com, MBA and other Finance and accounts courses. Amity university bba online tuition in Noida amity university mba online tuition in Noida amity university onine tuition in Noida amity university bba online tutor in Noida amity university mba online tutor in Noida amity university online tutor in noida Bba online tutor in Noida mba online tutor in Noida online tutor in Noida ca cpt online tuition in Noida ca ipcc online tutor in Noida bba online tuition in Noida mba online tuition in Noida online tuition in Noida Accounts online tutor in Noida economics online tutor in Noida business studies online tutor in Noida psychology online tutor in Noida sociology online tutor in Noida statistics online tutor in Noida Accounts online tuition in Noida business studies online tuition in noida economics online tuition in Noida maths online tuition in Noida psychology online tuition in Noida sociology online tuition in noida Financial accounting online tutor in Noida operation management online tutor in Noida operation research online tutor in Noida financial management online tutor in Noida cost accounting online tutor in Noida management accounting online tutor in Noida security analysis and portfolio management online tutor in Noida statistics online tutor in Noida income tax online tutor in Noida Financial accounting online tuition in Noida operation management online tuition in Noida operation research online tuition in Noida financial management online tuition in Noida cost accounting online tuition in Noida management accounting online tuition in Noida security analysis and portfolio management online tuition in Noida statistics online tuition in Noida income tax online tuition in Noida Accounts home tutor in Noida economics home tutor in Noida business studies home tutor

Industrial Relation in Airline Industry - Air India Airlines Case Study - 0 views

    A CASE STUDY on AIR FLY AIRLINES Merger issues leading to failure of Industrial relations Critical Incidents - strikes, employee separation, Retrenchment Voluntary retirement and revenue losses. Major Stakeholders - Employer, Management, Trade Unions, Employees, Labour & Government Abstract With the transformations and gradual change in business environment, the Industrial Relation system has seen a vast change over a period of time, due to which, the role of employer and employees have become more tough and challenging. Of all the human resource management problems that have occurred in the Indian Airlines Industry in recent times, the problem of Industrial Relations is the most critical. The reason behind this is the fact that Industrial Relation deals with people who are foundation of the Industry. Their action or counter reaction matters a lot for the Industrial Harmony of the economy country. Harmonious Industrial Relations are pre-requisite for economic development of a country. Success and growth of the Airlines Industry depends on cordial relationship between the employers and the employees. The Objective of this case study is to examine the "Industrial Relations in Airlines Industry in India: "A Case Study of Air Fly Airlines". Research in this field can be of practical utility to all those involved in Industrial Relations scene like management, employees and the government. Success of the Airlines Industry depends on cordial relationship between the employers and the employees. This study assesses the state of Industrial Relations in the Airlines Industry and also identifies the factors that affect it. The case study also proposes to redefine the pattern of Industrial Relations in Airlines Industry by suggesting some changes in the role of various stakeholders such as employer, management, union and government. Introduction Indian industrial enterprises are hugely affected by disinvestments, privatization, restructuring and takeovers which,

The Art of Seamless Communication: Discover the Power of Fiber Optic Splice Closures - 1 views

      I. Introduction   A. Importance of seamless communication in modern society Efficient Exchange of Information: Seamless communication ensures the swift and efficient exc...


started by aderking on 23 Jul 23 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin

Private/Public Unread Bookmarks for Research - 403 views

Subject: simultaneous saving/sharing to multiple groups Subject: simultaneous saving/sharing to multiple lists Natetronn Jackson wrote: > … bookmark to any of the groups or lists that ...

bookmark research private public group unread suggestion boolean

The Ravine / Joseph Dunphy

Alphabetizing bookmarks - 416 views

I'm looking through my records for the letter I sent, although, to be honest, at 12:45 am my time, I'm not sure of just how motivated I want to be, so I'll give you the reader's digest version of i...

bookmark alphabet order sort review 20090929


Diigo Firefox plugin not able to recognize bookmarked pages - 390 views

google google google google google google google google google google google google google google google google google google google google google google google google google google google google g...

toolbar Mozilla Firefox bug

Joel Liu

Can't sign in in Digolet! - 365 views

Hi all, The problem was finally solved. 1. Diigolet uses cookies authroization if available (available means that 3rd party cookies are allowed) 2. If cookies are not available, diigo...

Diigo About diigolet Firefox resolved

Graham Perrin

Next phase Diigo - the future - 462 views

> To provoke thought, in no particular order: > * System Services (interapplication communication on Mac OS X) That one is spun off to Mac OS X: System Services: provider services in ...

wishlist suggestion review gpd4


Comparative analysis of Organisational Culture, Design & Structure - 0 views

    Organisational culture JCBPPI GLOBSYN M & M ONGC 1.UNIQUENESS The culture at JCBPPI is marked by unique characteristic of "Sense -Of - Urgency' that prevails seamlessly through entire JCB Group. Globsyn strongly believes in 'Taking People to the Next Level'. Globsyn is a problem solver with an unwavering passion for performance. The unique aspects of culture in the organization is philosophy of 'Rise'. Three important pillars Of Mahindra & Mahindra's culture is 1. Alternative thinking 2. Driving positive change, and 3. Accepting No limits. creativity and out of box thinking is the foundation upon which culture of ONGC prevails. 2.Changes to be made Need for a unique customer centric culture that shall be very different from JCB culture as a market leader organization as the Head Office is now. Need for an employee centric culture in order to increase the satisfaction level of the employees and the organisation has adopted this change too. No changes required to be made as they continuously work on bringing and adopting positive changes to increase the level of efficiency. Need to empower, act as a global thinker and provide opportunities for initiatives creativity and innovation. 3.Organisational set up Informal Set Ups Dominate. 90% of the work in and b/w departments is done on telephonic / direct meeting basis and mails and memos are limited to those absolutely necessary to record keeping. Informal Set Ups Dominate. More than 70 % of the work in and b/w departments is done on telephonic / direct meeting basis and mails and memos are limited to those absolutely necessary to record keeping. Mix of formal and informal set ups prevail. As per the requirement of the scenario, formal rules are followed and for routine work they show little endeavor to go on writing work and prefer oral communication. Highly formalized and organized set ups. Proper written communication is followed in order to perform the tasks of the organisation. Circulars, notice
maria morea

These 5 Banks Were Robbed The Most In Last 3 Years - 0 views

    The last three years have been pretty good for bank robbers - at least according to statistics revealed by the Minister of State for Finance, Santosh Kumar Gangwar, in the parliament this week. According to Gangwar's written reply, banks in India have lost around Rs. 180 crore in the past three years to thefts. The money was stolen in 2,632 incidents of theft, robbery, dacoity, and burglary at 51 banks during the same period (April 2014-March 2017). The answer came in response to a question regarding negligence shown by banks in complying with security norms for protecting bank lockers. The finance ministry had been asked "whether banks are showing negligence in complying with rules/norms for appointing security guards in banks and the experts have indicated that the various culprits are taking advantage of security lapses in committing theft from bank lockers". While the ministry didn't clarify if the government is carrying out any assessment to check bank negligence, it's answer stated that the "Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has informed that banks have been advised to review and strengthen the security arrangement in their branches and ATMs from time to time". The answer further clarified that thefts exclusively from lockers are not reported to the RBI. However, the ministry did spell out the number of such thefts reported by banks. A total of 51 banks of around 100 commercial banks or nearly 50 percent of all banks in the country have reported thefts and burglaries in the last three years - which is in itself a shocking number. These 5 Banks Were Robbed The Most In Last 3 YearsThe State Bank of India, with over 18,000 offices and over 50,000 ATMs currently, reported the most number of thefts in each financial year, except in 2016-17, when Bandhan Bank Ltd. reported 283 such incidents. With a total of 337 incidents, Bandhan Bank Ltd. saw the most number of robberies in the past three years, followed closely by the State Bank of India.

Fox online, - Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Live Stream Budds Creek, Mechanicsville, MD H... - 2 views

    <form class="editTopicCommentForm" method="post" onsubmit="return(postEditTComment('0', '1', 'entry_p...

Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross


Organization and Strategy at Millennium case study solution - 0 views

    Millennium Core issues related to the case: * To establish a formal set up in the organisation and a productive relationship with Millennium's management team while maintaining its entrepreneurial vision and culture. * To bring Millennium back to profitability by moving it from its R&D roots to a more commercially-focused platform. * To regain credibility with the investment community. * To reallocate the resources of Millennium between its commercial and R&D platforms. * To optimize current commercial opportunities without jeopardizing future product development. * Informal review process and compensation system. * Lack of employees in commercial wing of Millennium. * Ignorance of competition faced by the company with regard to its products. * Failure due to marketing philosophy of Millennium. * Losses due to failure of some alliances. * Lack of competent employees at executive level mainly in R&D. Analysis of data for the root cause/s of the problem Millennium's organizational structure and processes had always been more informal than those of larger companies. It was organized around its people. Employees relied on informal committees and ad-hoc systems throughout the firm to help guide the business and coordinate operations. A lot of people resisted or resented the change in culture when Levin began to professionalize executive meetings when Millennium prepared to launch Velcade commercially and to restructure its business. There was Frustration among employees due to informal review process and biasness in terms of deciding over compensation policy. Over time some disadvantages of the alliances began to manifest themselves. Failure occurred in acquisition of CORE by Millennium. Huge cost incurred in restructuring process in 2003. Millennium fails to consider the competition Integrilin faced in the market. Marketing philosophy of Millennium that markets were won through good science and clinical data so products based on good data woul

Live Super Rugby: Highlanders vs Crusaders Live Online Tv - 2 views

Super Rugby live Streaming TV link in HD Click here Rugby tv link- Rugby tv link- Date: Saturday, July 12 Venue: AMI Stadium (Addington, Chris...

Highlanders vs Crusaders Live Stream Rugby brainstorm


what happened to the "Read Later" button? - 342 views

Graham Perrin wrote: > The under-used web interface may reflect the fact that it needs a little overhaul and rationalisation. Excellent, excellent points here Graham. Hats off. Also, the items...

toolbar suggestion


Digital Marketing online training course & services in India & USA By Aagnasoft - 2 views

    Digital Marketing online training course & services in India & USA AagnaSoft Digital Marketing Specialized Company with 10+ years experience on SEO Works, Branding, Website Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Google Adsence with special skills on SEO to bring website or portal to top position to reach target customers. We have good Experience in Digital Marketing. We are specialized in online Marketing and Branding, AagnaSoft provides all Digital Marketing Services at cost effective to Boost website traffic, generate potential leads & increase sales revenue with better brand awareness, also helps in reaching your target customers to promote your Products OR Services. We are top Digital Marketing service providers in India & USA, marketing products or services as per clients requirements - Gender, Area, Region, City, State or Country, selective marketing to reach target customers. Our Digital Marketing Methodologies, Strategies, Technics & Tools will be based on targets like Gender, Age group, hobbies, interest of customers, city, state and Country. Our Digital Marketing Services includes right from Website Designing, SEO, SEM, SMO, Branding, Google Adwords, SMS Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Writing, Content Management. Aagna Digital Marketing Services uses different Algorithms to reach specific audience and as per customer specification and requirements. We provide Digital Marketing Services in India, Digital Marketing Services in Hyderabad, Digital Marketing Services in USA, Digital Marketing Services in Pune, Digital Marketing Services in Delhi, Online Internet Marketing in India, Online Marketing in USA, Online advertisement in USA, Online Marketing in India, Online Internet Advertisement in India Our Services Includes Website / Portal / Blog Design & Development Hosting Services Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Social Media Marketing (SMM) Email Marketing Conten

Top 10 Most Promising construction and infrastructure Giants in Global - 2018 |Infra Ba... - 0 views

    The Indian Construction and Infrastructure Sector have evolved and moved out of their nascent stages. For the past few decades, several private developers and government bodies were targeting the projects which were easy to execute. The projects also yielded maximum economic benefit. In the process, they have not picked up difficult projects and hence they are not equipped enough to take up large and complex projects. When we compare them with global giants we are far behind in technology implementation, modernization, adopting the latest technology to increase speed and efficiency etc. Let us take a look at top 10 global construction and infrastructure giants who are well known in the field of construction and infrastructure development. 1 Vinci Vinci is a 115-year-old French construction giant. It has the largest revenues by any privately-owned construction company in the world. They have aggregated the position by several mergers and accusations. They have undertaken mammoth large-scale infrastructure projects like the Gariep Dam in South Africa. Stade de France football stadium built for the 1998 football World Cup etc. The Group currently employs more than 183,000 people worldwide. 2. Grupo ACS Grupo ACS is a Spanish contractor who started the business in 1997 through the merger of two other construction companies. It has grown through several high-profile mergers and acquisitions including that of Hochtief. They have added several marquee projects like Torre de Cristal and Torre Espacio skyscrapers in its home country and Alqueva Dam in Portugal to its name. 3. Bechtel Bechtel is the largest US contractor who has worked on such high-profile projects like the Hoover Dam which was completed way back in 1936. They have also completed complex projects like the Trans-Alaska Pipeline system in the '70s and more recently the 'Big Dig' Central Artery project finished in 2007. The company employs more than 53,000 people around the world. 4. Hochtief G
Graham Perrin

case-sensitive tags - any chance of it happening? - 382 views

> tag case will be preserved while displaying, but ignored for search Seems to work well for the majority of use cases. Thanks :)

discussion tag case CamelCase case-sensitive help suggestion

Bahy Blog

What is the Alt tag and what is its effect on SEO? - 0 views

    Alt is one of the attributes of the Image tag in HTML codes and is used so that images can be understood and identified by Google robots and crawlers. The alt tag helps to better index the site's images and when the images fail to load, the image descriptions will replace them. The use of alternative text or the Alt tag to optimize site images is important for web design; Because the Google search engine pays special attention to it for identifying images. The Alt property in the Image tag makes it possible for bots to understand what this image is talking about. Although Alt is one of the features of the SEO Image site optimization tag , so called Alt tag they say. How is the Alt tag used in site images? Adding an Alt tag to images is easy and can be easily added in the site's HTML codes . The following code is an example of a complete HTML image tag : There are 3 parts in the above code, which we will examine the use of each of them in the following : This section is related to the address of the image. In order to include an image in the content of the site, the address of the image in the place where it is saved must be placed in this section . This section is related to the Alt tag . Between the quotation marks, the desired Alt tag should be placed . This section is actually the title of the image. In this section, you should put a suitable title for the image. What is the importance of Alt tag in SEO site Google places a lot of value on image alt tags . This value is due to the fact that it is easier to understand the images and determine the topic of the content around them. Search engines cannot see images on a site; Even if the text is embedded in the image, search engines are not able to crawl this text. By creating an Alt tag for each site image, you can be seen better on the web and come up in search results. In this way, the Alt tag is a great platform for using keywords and helps to increase the chances of the site being seen in image searches.
    What is the Alt tag?
Robin Powell

[Important] Furl transition update - 344 views

I am very disappointed that I did not learn of the Furl transition to Diigo until very late in March, between the 20th and 30th of March. I found out by doing some research here in the Diigo forum...

furl faq

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