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security warning in IE8 - 144 views

I tested Diigolet - no problem with security warnings there. But the missing option "privat as default" is a pain.

workaround security warning in IE8 Internet Explorer 8 Internet Explorer 7

Graham Perrin

Number of bookmarks in the same tags are diff. in the tag cloud vs. the tag section - 15 views

We have a few topics tagged FAQ, Amongst the frequently asked questions, please read 'tags: a summary of selected issues' Regards Graham

How do lower_upper case work in diigo tag help

Graham Perrin

Diigolet: Sign in and continuing effectiveness *without* third party cookies - 84 views

In Safari, Diigolet works *without* third party cookies and *without* re-entering credentials; browser can be quit then re-opened and Diigolet works immediately. Key to this is: > Use https://se...

Diigolet toolbar more cookie sign in out help gpd4

Wins Fern

Help - 36 views

Thanks, that helps. As you said Developers may change it. Scott Allam wrote: > Looks to be a menu discrepancy for the html pages, depending on which web page you are currently looking at. It lo...

just in discover dashboard help inconsistency

Graham Perrin

Diigo options missing from Diigo menu - 29 views

= See also = > All I would really want is a link to "edit tags"

UI menu Firefox in inconsistency gpd4

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