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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Suzannah Claire

Terry Li

Can I hightlight image? - 23 views

Highlight Image
started by Terry Li on 22 Jan 10 no follow-up yet
Suzannah Claire

Can no longer highlight Images? - 26 views

images Toolbar Firefox v.4 v.5 bug features highlight annotations
started by Suzannah Claire on 04 Oct 10 no follow-up yet
  • Suzannah Claire
    It seems i can no longer highlight an image since your premium save images feature... is this the case???
Suzannah Claire

Collecting Videos Broken? - 24 views

Diigo bug flash Adobe Flash video
started by Suzannah Claire on 29 Apr 10 no follow-up yet
  • Suzannah Claire
    The useful feature of being able to 'highlight' videos seems to be broken. i cant seem to highlight flash anymore (toolbar - "bookmark: - "collect flash")
Suzannah Claire

"Generate Report" Leaves out comments. - 50 views

bug comments comment reports report
started by Suzannah Claire on 25 Apr 10 no follow-up yet
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Suzannah Claire

Bug | FF Toolbar | Reset toolbar data - 19 views

toolbar bugs bug reset toolbar reset
started by Suzannah Claire on 24 Apr 10 no follow-up yet
Suzannah Claire

Bug in Group Comment/Description Field. - 15 views

bug Toolbar Firefox Description Comment
started by Suzannah Claire on 20 Nov 09 no follow-up yet
Suzannah Claire

Notes in Lists? Local Bookmark folders on the Quick Access Option? - 23 views

help notes lists Quick Access
started by Suzannah Claire on 08 Nov 09 no follow-up yet
  • Suzannah Claire
    Whats going on? did a whole bunch of features suddenly happen? What are these mysterious "notes" in the Lists sections?
Suzannah Claire

Interface Mix Up in "Find People" - 15 views

invite friends search following suggestion orientation
started by Suzannah Claire on 07 Nov 09 no follow-up yet
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Nathan Rein

When cross-posting to Delicious, use a short link for "Annotated Link" - 33 views

delicious diigo cross-posting url encoding shortening short suggestion
started by Nathan Rein on 03 Oct 09 no follow-up yet
  • Suzannah Claire
    I so very much wholeheartedly agree!!! Especially in the case of comments. If you only comment on a page, and you dont highlight or anything else, the interface is TOTALLY weird. If you open the annotated link that is automatically posted into the delicious description, it blinks for a second, and then it just goes directly to the original link of the bookmark. in this case, the annotated link is totally pointless and just messy looking.

    I wish we had an option on whether to post the link at all in the delicious description.
Suzannah Claire

"Hide Annotations" Bug In Toolbar - 31 views

bug toolbar bugs annotations help bookmarking
  • Suzannah Claire
    As of late, whenever I visit a URL that is previously bookmarked, the toolbar is not recognizing it as such. The option to remove it is not there, and to bookmark it means to re-tag it all the same. (I am currently doing housecleaning and thats how i noticed). It is for every single bookmark. Clicking "Refresh toolbar data" does not help.

    The bookmarks remain listed under "my library". But the whole thing makes cleaning up impossible. Any thoughts?

    Note: I have tried using the toolbar as the only firefox addon in a new profile without any other addons and I have the same problem.
  • Suzannah Claire

    This is a big bug!!! Please respond when you get to this!!

    Here's the problem.

    If you have "Hide all annotations" selected, then it shuts off the toolbars ability to recognize ALL information about that bookmarked page. So when you visit the link, it doesnt even register that you ever bookmarked it before. When you click "bookmark", your previous description, title, private/public, read/unread, list, and group options as well as all your tags are gone. Its totally as if you are bookmarking for the first time.

    Then if you switch back to "show annotations", you are able to see all your tags and description and groups and lists again.

    i doubt thats what you meant by "hide annotations" when you designed it!
Andrew Hawkins

Search Sites - 14 views

Search diigo
started by Andrew Hawkins on 05 Nov 09 no follow-up yet
Suzannah Claire

Site Communities | Diigo - 7 views

    Because you can't find it in this interface....
Suzannah Claire

Site Communities - 12 views

diigo bug interface community search orientation
started by Suzannah Claire on 06 Nov 09 no follow-up yet
  • Suzannah Claire
    Only because I had previously bookmarked the amazingly useful "Site Communities" have I been able to find it again. It's not available in the current interface. Are you elminating the ability to search a community of users by site?
Suzannah Claire

*Sniff* Customized Search is Dead Says Tweat - 23 views

custom search suggestion resolved duplicate
started by Suzannah Claire on 05 Nov 09 no follow-up yet
Adam Skinner liked it
  • Suzannah Claire
    Just wanted to voice my supersaddness about the loss of customized search. Not that is is working that often. I must have a million saved. And LifeHacker and other popular blogs were ga ga over it. Wish you would have made it more apparent than a tweet, which was the only way i found out about it.
Suzannah Claire

Missing Sticky Notes in RSS and "Reports" - 17 views

bug sticky Sticky notes rss reports
started by Suzannah Claire on 01 Nov 09 no follow-up yet
Suzannah Claire

Bug:: Floating Sticky Notes Do Not Share to Diigo Groups - 146 views

bugs floating annotation groups sticky note bug resolved
  • Suzannah Claire
    Hello again!

    Just thought I should note this since you are expanding your groups features. There is a slight bug in the ability to share to groups that depends on the interface from which you are sharing.

    A. From the Toolbar

    1. Add a floating sticky note to a page

    2. Bookmark a site

    3. Select from the dropdown a group you want to share to

    4. Click Include existing annotations

    The floating sticky note WILL appear in the group's bookmarks

    B. From Diigo

    1. While logged into diigo, browse to "my bookmarks"

    2. Pick any of the bookmarks available. Check the check box next to any of them.

    3. From the drop down menu "Share to a group...." pick any group

    The floating sticky note will NOT appear in the groups bookmarks.

    This means, in order to share any floating sticky notes, a user has to browse to the bookmarks original site, re-bookmark the site, and use the Share-To-Group feature from the toolbar in order for the floating sticky notes to appear in the targeted group.

    This does NOT seem to be a problem for regular sticky notes that are connected to a highlight.

    FYI, I personally find the floating stickynote an excellent tool to use for inserting the actual citation for an article, making bibliographies so much easier for me.

    Good luck, let me know how it goes!!



    Viva Diigo!
  • Suzannah Claire
    Hey Vincent!

    Thanks so much for getting back to me. I guess I was unclear again. There isnt anything wrong with the toolbar ability to fix floating sticky notes, I was just sending you my exact steps in both interfaces so you would know what i was doing.

    Thanks so much for fixing the floating sticky note issue! Your quick response is SO appreciated.

Suzannah Claire

Bookmark Description Missing In Groups' RSS Feed - 71 views

bug bugs description feed feeds groups rss
  • Suzannah Claire
    Sorry for all the posting.

    I am building a website for a client, and am experimenting with the concept of using Diigo Groups as a publishing platform. The nonprofit would have a diigo group and would use the groups bookmarks as not only a group bookmarking platform, but the feeds from that groups bookmarks can be published as a newsletter, if properly commented upon, sticky noted, and described. The home of the feed would be the Diigo group, thus allowing the organization to have forum capabilities too - awesome!

    So I am doing a lot of testing of fields and feeds. I apologize for all the posting. Here is my latest.

    1. The description field of the rss feed will show in "my bookmarks" but will not show in the feed of bookmarks of a group.

    2. When bookmarking a site with a two word tag (in quotations), the two word tag such as "White House" will appear as one tag "White House" in the My Bookmarks sections, but as two separate tags, "White" and "House" in the group's bookmarks.

    Thoughts? These are bugs, right?
  • Suzannah Claire
    Heya Vincent!

    Sorry for not being clear. Thanks for fixing the bookmark description.:)

    It's my fault for not being clear. The second bug I was reporting didnt have anything to do with RSS, unlike the first which did. It has to do with bookmarking to groups.

    Say I go to, the official site for the US White House.

    1. I click bookmark on the ff3 toolbar
    2. I write in the title, description
    3. Under tags, I type in quotes the two word tag that is "White House"
    4. Under the option of "Share to a group," I choose from the drop down menu "Diigo Community".
    5. When I go to My Bookmarks, the white house site is there, with only one tag, that tag being the two word tag "White House"
    6. When I go to the Diigo Community Group, the bookmark is there with two tags, "White" and "House"
    7. In conclusion, both with the FF3 Toolbar and the Diigolet, bookmarking a single tag that consists of two words in quotations does not work when bookmarking that tag to a Diigo Group. Bookmarking a site with a single tag consisting of two words in quotes only works when making personal bookmarks.

    Does that make sense?
Suzannah Claire

BUG:: Converting Read to Unread - 40 views

bug bugs read unread
started by Suzannah Claire on 18 Sep 08 no follow-up yet
  • Suzannah Claire
    Hey everyone,

    small bug tonight. having issues converting bookmarks from read to unread. I'm cleaning house right now with private bookmarks, and trying to use the unread feature, you know the one on the FF3 toolbar that marks things as read, as a list to go through my quickD bookmarks and tag them. So I wanted to mark them all unread. but when I refresh the page, there they are again, marked as read.

    Now marking them read from unread works fine.

    any thoughts? or is it just tonight?

    UPDATE: This seems to be working fine now. perhaps it was a server speed issue. Thanks!!
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