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John Doherty

How to share or transmit a Diigo bookmarks collection with highlights? - 100 views

I'm having a similar issue, does a team or collaborate account can be created? I mean in order to grant access to multiple users.

diigo transmission merge import username collaborative question annotations highlights

Megan Spectra-Para

Highlights disappear - 27 views

Is there a way to keep highlights from disappearing after a new post is made to a page on a forum that was previously highlighted? Thanks for any help! Edit: For example, I highlighted part of s...

highlights forums

started by Megan Spectra-Para on 09 Jun 11 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin

No Annotations/Highlights - 16 views

Hi Andrea. I am curious which browser you are using to store and browse your bookmarks and if you are using the Diigo toolbar or the Diigolet? You need to be running the Diigo software in order t...

annotations highlights

Marc Harrison

Highlights and fonts - 10 views

Okay, so working as expected. Thanks for taking the time to look into it and provide an explanation. Regards, Marc.

highlights fonts resolved thanks thank you

Graham Perrin

How to add group-shared highlights to a page that is already shared with the group? - 179 views

Joel and co, many thanks! From the perspective of the sticker (me), testing at the moment in Firefox 3.0.4, behaviour appears to be good. If it's working as expected then Diigo members o...

bookmarks private public shared highlights suggestion resolved

Maggie Tsai

Highlights and Sticky Posts dissappearing - 66 views

Pls advise your group URL and pages that you've annotated. Feel free to send us a private email at info at

bug highlight highlights sticky note spam (electronic)

Graham Perrin

Piracy & RSS Feeds for Articles - 48 views

I am not sure how to word this, but i think it's extremely important. Currently, the format of the rss feeds of bookmarks that contain comments, highlights, and the like, can so easily cause confu...

comments highlights reader RSS sticky note suggestion

Joel Liu

Highlights not appearing on page - 75 views

OUC News wrote: > I have added a few new urls. ====> The new URLs you hard added worked well. However, I still can't open other old URLs, such as

annotation highlights

Joel Liu

Tags to highlighted parts ? - 50 views

You can search your comments from the upper right search box.

highlights tag help

Magnolia South

Diigo mobile alpha prototype available - plesae give it a test drive - 827 views

It's great for accessing previous bookmarks, but doesn't allow you to add new ones. That's imperative for me.

highlights mobile notebook

Wade Ren

Highlighting issues - 62 views

Peter Roberts wrote: > > How can I put a sticky note on a whole block of text, then other sticky notes on separate words within that block? It is possible, but when you have done it, the display ...

highlight highlights nestled overlap stickynote

Joel Liu

Most of my highlights have disappeared--HELP! - 35 views

I logged into Diigo today only to find that most all of the highlights I have made are missing! This is really annoying considering I am using Diigo for an ongoing research project and it appears ...

annotation highlights

Maggie Tsai

Can I tag just the highlighted parts of an article? - 13 views

Hi, Glad that you find Diigo useful and welcome to Diigo community! If you like Diigo now, you will love even more what's yet to come :-) That's an interesting idea but requires lots of thin...

highlights tagging tags

Joel Liu

Extract only your own comments & highlights? - 35 views

Joel, Thanks for responding. I do know that these features exist, I'm just not sure that they're working properly for me. When the online help is updated, I hope there are more screenshots that ...

extract highlights

Joel Liu

When forwarding a highlighted page, no link appears - 26 views

The bug was fixed. You can install the latest IE toolbar and try forward feature now. BTW, with the forward feature, your recipients can see your highlight and sticky notes on the page even they ha...

bug forwarding highlights resolved

Maggie Tsai

numbered highlights--nice, but better if optional - 16 views

davido, Thanks for your input. First, agree that we will make this an option. Second, like to get more user feedback on this one - we're planning on adding some enhancement to this - but like...

enumeration highlights numbers

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