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Sharon Elin

Maintaining log in - 12 views

I have the diigo toolbar installed on Firefox and IE. With earlier versions, I stayed logged in to Diigo whenever I opened either browser, but now I must log in each time I open a browser. Can thi...

bug login Firefox cookie diigoandlogincookie thanks resolved thank you

Graham Perrin

Toolbar requires sign in each time Firefox opens - 35 views

Thanks for the explanation. Good to know that it's not an issue with Diigo.

Firefox toolbar XP cookie resolved

Joel Liu

Suggestion to Diigo team regarding third-party cookies and using Diigolet with Firefox ... - 105 views

Noted. Our team discussed this and will address this shortly after we take care of top prioirty urgent tasks.

diigolet firefox 3 opera cookie help resolved

Graham Perrin

Diigolet: Sign in and continuing effectiveness *without* third party cookies - 81 views

In Safari, Diigolet works *without* third party cookies and *without* re-entering credentials; browser can be quit then re-opened and Diigolet works immediately. Key to this is: > Use https://se...

Diigolet toolbar more cookie sign in out help gpd4

Joel Liu

Add cookies and third party cookies to stated system requirements for Diigo, Diigolet, ... - 44 views

Earlier I wrote, wrongly: > … Diigolet 3.1b508 in Firefox 3.0.7 on Mac OS X 10.5.6 does _not_ require cookies … Correction: as wilde ny wrote, > Diigolet ... cookie Diigo Diigolet system requirements help gpd4

Ken Wei

Diigolet use of cookies - 8 views

Additional information, following tests by various people on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows computers:

Diigolet cookie gpd4

John Cooper

diigolet doesn't sing in... - 129 views

On Linux using the epiphany browser you can also do Edit ===> Preferences ===> Privacy ====> Cookies ===> Always accept cookies

diigolet firefox signin OpenID cookie help Epiphany resolved

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