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Daniel Gauthier

Diigo for Maxthon2 - 96 views

Graham, that's good. Using Firefox as default I had forgotten about that one. Maxthon3 is built on a totally different engine so it may and may no longer apply.

diigolet feature maxthon

Graham Perrin

maxthon support - 142 views

Subject: acceleration/shortcuts: AutoHotKey + Diigolet Betty Lu wrote: > I think there are other ways to assign a script to a keyboard > shortcut, such as AutoHotKey. So I'm going to try it, whil...

maxthon suggestion

Graham Perrin

Diigolet for Maxthon 3 - 97 views

Graham, Bookmarklet's working fine here on Maxthon But yes, i will report the need for the workaround. -XP Home

Diigolet Maxthon3 drag bug workaround

Graham Perrin

can i add diigo toolar to maxthon? - 34 views

Re: > both IE and Maxthon use the Trident rendering engine

Graham Perrin

maxthon support.. | Diigo - 2 views

  • toggle should be iconised in identical positions
    • Graham Perrin
      Metaphor: we do not find lighting-on and lighting-off switches at opposite ends of a room; there's a single switch in a predictable place.
Daniel Gauthier

Password login not being remembered - 11 views

yc c was right. Everything is back to normal today. Did the Firefox upgrade, no problem. Phew! :) Thanks! -don't know why it was still working in Maxthon2 though...

Password resolved

Daniel Gauthier

Diigolet also works for AVANT browser - 9 views

You are quite welcome Joel! From recent tests, Diigolet works pretty with any popular browser that doesn't have it's own toolbar yet !Have also tested: Slimbrowser, k-Meleon, Maxthon2, Opera... ...

avant diigolet

Chris R

Auto-Hide toolbar - 101 views

is this coming soon? I can do this with diigolet on safari, but how do I perform on firefox, chrome or opera? Thanks. Chris

toolbar hide help suggestion

Graham Perrin

I don't wanna be redirected when I save a bookmark in diigo interface - 12 views

Lamarck Jean wrote: > If I make visible more toolbars, I will have not enough space to read the web. You can use the script without a toolbar. If you do place the script in a toolbar, you m...

redirected bookmarks interface

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