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Courtney Walker

Diigolet does not work on iPad - 9835 views

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started by Courtney Walker on 25 Apr 10
  • Courtney Walker
    Diigolet download does not work because you cannot drag the button to the toolbar. Is there another way to download diigolet other than this?

    I use diigo all the time for my bookmarks since the iPad only uses safari diigolet needs to be functional in this format
  • yc c
    I think you can manually copy Diigolet's code. (this usually works anywhere)

    1. Create a bookmark in Safari (any page), copy the bookmark from Safari to your iPad

    2. Edit the bookmark, replace/paste what is currently in the address field with this diigolet code.


    Hope it works
  • lachemou
    I try and it didn t work :/
  • yc c
    I'm sorry I don't have one so I don't know... anyone?
  • Graham Perrin
    > > Diigolet does not work on iPad

    > in delicious (the ones exported from diigo

    Issues with export and Delicious are probably not related to Diigolet or iPad.

    Please, could you seek/add a more relevant topic? there are a few recent topics relating to Delicious. Thanks.
  • yc c
    Apparently ipad only supports encoded URLs

    Try this diigolet:

  • Courtney Walker
    I am excited that the 5.0 version of diigo has made a toolbar for iPad. I love it!
  • lachemou
    Great it work very well
  • joe35151
    Very well
  • mdsozib
    I don't know. but it works on my pc
  • solutionbyyouth
  • solutionbyyouth
  • akkampkiran
    For me also it is not working
  • digitalbrolly

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