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Diigolet doesn't work with Opera!!! - 52 views

Hi I tryed to use Diigolet with the latest Opera versions but it doesn't work anymore... It only works with the old Opera 10 release O_o When developers will fix this problem?

bug Diigolet Opera help

started by anonymous on 13 Oct 10 no follow-up yet
Edward Reid

diigolet fails in Opera address bar - 52 views

No, I could not determine whether it's a diigolet problem or an Opera problem.

diigolet opera

Graham Perrin

How to pseudo diigo web panel in Opera - 69 views

Web applications Not limited to Opera; Diigo pages such as and (similar or identical to can probably be...

opera bookmarks panel toolbar

Graham Perrin

Opera web panel suggestion - 47 views

… and Safari 4 in most recent Mac OS X on 64-bit Intel is stunning … and so on, for the various browsers. IMO we should encourage any/all developments that are not browser- or platform specific; wh...

opera web panel sidebar toolbar suggestion

Joel Liu

Suggestion to Diigo team regarding third-party cookies and using Diigolet with Firefox ... - 105 views

Noted. Our team discussed this and will address this shortly after we take care of top prioirty urgent tasks.

diigolet firefox 3 opera cookie help resolved

Graham Perrin

Diigo bookmarklet for Opera Mobile - 164 views

There are various hacks for getting bookmarklets to work on a mobile phone: Has anyone been able to get a diigo bookmarklet to work in Opera Mobile or Opera Mini ...

mobile-phone bookmarklet Opera help

Graham Perrin

Opera support - 50 views

Hi jorgusch > Any chance Opera will be supported some time soon. I am using more and more > small mobile devices Do you mean Opera, Opera Mini or Opera Mobile? > A highlighter should be includ...

Opera diigolet

Graham Perrin

a persistent Diigolet, or something like it - 68 views

Attention shifting to See also

Diigolet WebKit Safari Opera suggestion help gpd4


Tools for Google Chrome? - 1516 views

It is working here perfectly.

chrome google_chrome Opera sidebar toolbar suggestion

Joel Liu

Safari and Opera integration? - 111 views

Hi Alf, Could you try diigolet on Safari and Opera .

browsers integration mac opera safari

Graham Perrin

Quickd bookmarklet - 59 views

netklon wrote: > Hi, everyone > > Following bookmarklet allow quickd page without loading diigolet. It doesn't show any success >message. ==> The red book indicates the success, so we don't show...

bookmarklet opera quickd


Sticky note location in different browsers - 124 views

When I place a sticky note on a page in Firefox, IE7 shows the sticky note in a different place. Opera doesn't show the sticky note at all, sometimes. At other times, Firefox and Opera display th...

bug firefox ie7 note opera sticky

started by anonymous on 03 Oct 07 no follow-up yet
Daniel Gauthier

Cannot save webpage using the Diigolet - 33 views

maggie_diigo wrote: > Yes, it uses frame. However, our toolbar handles it gracefully. For pages like this, try use our toolbar. Maggie, Yes, the toolbar is what i used for Firefox clip. I ha...

diigolet opera

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