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Graham Perrin

Save elsewhere: Delicious: persistent invitation to validate account credentials - 30 views

At when I click to validate my credentials for Delicious, something appears briefly (maybe the word processing but the invitation to validate persists....

wording validate account save elsewhere Delicious gpd4

started by Graham Perrin on 06 Aug 09 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin

new bookmarks in Diigo not saved elsewhere (to Delicious) - 32 views

> I guess that the posts are occasional or periodic. Not immediate. If you're unlucky (my viewpoint) or lucky, the save from Diigo to Delicious may occur within seconds. Unlucky for me, becau...

inconsistency bug Delicious save elsewhere resolved

Jamie Martin and Ma.gnolia exporting has become erratic - 199 views

Yeah nevermind, it appears as if "Validate account" only validates your username, and not the password. I re-entered my credentials and it was fine. Diigo could have probably let me know that it w...

bookmarking elsewhere export ma.gnolia Delicious

neska esta

distributing to blinklist & delicious does not work !!! - 87 views

my delicious got some items finally with great delays... this can be problem on side of delicious and its API...

blinklist delicious elsewhere save

Dong Guo

consider sync with google bookmark? - 25 views

Thanks. looking forward to it :) maggie_diigo wrote: > guodong, > > Yes, it's on our To-Do list - just haven't had time to get around to it yet.

elsewhere feature

Maggie Tsai

simultaneous bookmarking password problem - 15 views

Go to the furl and login again - the cookie will be refreshed. Come back to Diigo and retry. If it still doesn't work, then you can clear all cookies in browsers then

cookies elsewhere simultaneous_bookmarking

Joel Liu

Does Diigolet support simultaneous bookmarking to other online bookmarking services? - 31 views

One solution we thought before was to provide service-side support for simultaneously bookmark. However, if other bookmark services don't accept bookmarks from diigo, it will be a problem.

bookmark diigolet elsewhere feature


Blinklist Bookmarking Not Working - 34 views

It seems I was logged in with an old blinklist account, and i ended up having to just empty all my cookies!!! THANK YOU!! maggie_diigo wrote: > dailyrebellions , > > Marcel is right - make su...


Maggie Tsai

diigolet not saving elsewhere? - 22 views

Hi, Yes, that's a toolbar function. Diigolet is meant to be light-weight vs. our toolbar platform. Chances are we won't add these advanced features to Diigolet. But lots of other goodies com...

diigolet elsewhere

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