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Daniel Gauthier

Diigo for Maxthon2 - 96 views

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started by Daniel Gauthier on 22 May 07
  • Daniel Gauthier
    Maxthon2 is expanding pretty quickly and i would really like to see Diigo work with it.
    (they now have to name one, Furl is indirectly available).
    Unfortunately i'm not that much of a geek to make a plugin as explained here:

    Do hope to see a brave soul pick up on the project.
  • Maggie Tsai
    We've noticed. Some of our guys are heavy Maxthon users :-) However, it won't be immediate since supporting a new browser toolbar is a major undertaking. We have lots of high priority tasks at hand - may consider it when we have more time and as their market share continues to grow to justify the development time.

    Diigolet should work with Maxthon2. Please give it
  • Daniel Gauthier
    "Diigolet should work with Maxthon2. Please give it..."

    I missed the last words Maggie.
    Without going through all the pain (as we wait for an addon), couldn't a Diigolet or a registry key code (like Furl has) do the trick for Maxthon2?
  • Maggie Tsai
    It's a bit tricky to add Diigolet to Maxthon - Maxthon is not user friendly when it comes to bookmarklet.

    To add Diigolet to Maxthon2, try this:

    1. open up maxthon, visit
    2. right click the diigolet for IE button and choose "Properties"
    3. in the pop up window, select and copy the Address(URL) content and close the pop up
    4. right click the diigolet for IE button again and choose "Add to Favourites"
    5. select all content in the URL text box and Ctrl + v (or right click and paste)
    6. change text in the Title text box to Diigolet
    7. click add
    8. If you don't see the Favourites Bar, right click any blank area on the toolbar and check "Favourites Bar"
    9. done. Click the Diigolet button in you Favourite Bar to launch Diigolet.
  • Daniel Gauthier
    Thank you Maggie!

    It's a bit tricky to get that url info from the properties window but it works!
    BTW, Diigolet works well with K-Meleon too.

    It's a pretty nifty way to save bmarks, i like!


    -p.s. it's odd, it doesn't seem to work for AVANT browser.
  • Maggie Tsai
    Guess you're an expert when it comes to cross platforms. Now we know who to invite for Diigolet alpha testing, haha!

  • Daniel Gauthier
    Hi Maggie,

    Thanks for the compliment!
    I try my best at what i do.

    Diigolet also works for Mozilla Seamonkey and K-Meleon but you may have to use the Flock configuration for the first one. It almost works as a plugin in AVANT.
  • Daniel Gauthier
    Update on Maxthon2

    Diigolet works just fine!!!

    Thank you Diigo Tag Team!

  • Maggie Tsai
    Thanks for the update.

    Diigolet will have groups support shortly. Stay tuned..
  • Maggie Tsai
    Please see

    Daniel - would you mind assisting us with Maxthon testing with the new Diigolet? Thanks
  • Daniel Gauthier
    By chance i came across this Diigo plugin at Maxthon.
    They say it works for 1 and 2 versions but the major bookmarking icon seems to be always in "loading" process for version no.2 (haven't tried no.1). It has many important features and i'm sure it will make a few Diigo/Maxthon users happy.

    Oops! Corrected the plugin link

    BTW, i encourage Maxthon users to try it out and to post their comments at the plugin page.
  • Daniel Gauthier
    Graham, that's good.
    Using Firefox as default I had forgotten about that one.
    Maxthon3 is built on a totally different engine so it may and may no longer apply.

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