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Clicking on QuickD makes Diigolet toolbar disappear! - 41 views

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started by anonymous on 16 Feb 08
  • anonymous
    Hello all!

    I have a problem. On a new page, I click on the Diigolet button which brings up its toolbar. I click on the QuickD button which causes the toolbar to disappear! This occurs only on the first toolbar. I click on the Diigolet button, which brings up the toolbar, then I click on the QuickD button. Since the toolbar doesn't disappear on the second try, I can now finish bookmarking the site. Is there a way around this (other than using the Diigo Toolbar)?
    Bytheway, since my trackball screwed-up, my usual procedure is to use keyboard shortcuts to get to the Bookmarks menu, then move down to the Bookmark Toolbar folder, then hit enter on "Diigolet." I'm going to try just clicking on the Diigolet button on the BMT and see how that works.
    Unfortunately, clicking directly on the Diigolet button yields the same results.

    ~Tim =^.^=
  • Maggie Tsai
    Thanks for reporting. We haven't encountered this yet - will take a look

    Meanwhile, what's your computer / browser specs
  • anonymous
    Thanks for the reply, maggie_diigo! By specs, I assume you mean:

    Compaq Presario 5301RSH
    Microsoft XP Home
    Version 2002
    Service Pack 2
    256 MB RAM
    More specs can be seen at

    Firefox ver.

    Installed extensions:
    AI Roboform Toolbar for Firefox
    All-in-One Sidebar
    Bookmark Duplicate Detector
    Colorful Tabs
    Daily Dilbert Bookmarks
    Download Statusbar
    Enhanced History Manager
    Fast Video Download
    Flat Bookmark Editing
    Groowe Search Toolbar
    ilovevideoz Toolbar
    Session Manager
    Smiley Xtra
    Tabbrowser Preferences
    TinyUrl Creator
    Okay, I went to OfficeMax and bought a Logitech Marble Mouse. After wrestling with the program, it's working great! However, the Diigolet still does the same disappearing act. So, I just deleted it and installed the Diigo Toolbar, which works great, bytheway. I click on QuickD and the site gets bookmarked.

    Thanks again!
    ~Tim =^.^=

    maggie_diigo wrote:

    > Meanwhile, what's your computer / browser specs
  • Maggie Tsai
    Glad that toolbar is working well for you.

    We cannot reproduce what you describe here. Should you like to help, perhaps you can send us your FF profile - perhaps it may shed some clue and easier for us to evaluate.

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