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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Ido Magal

Ido Magal

diigolet requires new log in every bookmark - 17 views

started by Ido Magal on 22 Jan 19 no follow-up yet
  • Ido Magal
    Every new bookmark requires a new log in and a page refresh.

    Using the bookmarklet on MacOS 10.14.2 Safari.
Ido Magal

Request: Actual bookmarks in the chrome extension pulldown menu - 70 views

suggestion diigo
  • Ido Magal
    The main flaw with Diigo that drives me to other bookmark methods is the relative work necessary to find a bookmark. Diigo is where my bookmarks go to die because I don't load my library very frequently.

    I'd use it more if the extension button pulldown had bookmarks in it and I didn't have to navigate to my library to get at them.

    An example of this is in this Google Bookmark extension:

    In this example the view is of the entire bookmark database. I'd be just as happy with a smart or manually created short list of bookmarks.
  • Ido Magal
    > What operating system do you use?

    Mostly Win 7.
Ido Magal

Contact capcha broken? - 0 views

started by Ido Magal on 07 Jan 10 no follow-up yet
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