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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Lars Bauer

Lars Bauer

Save image: unwanted behavior / bugs - 26 views

bug save image image save highlight title description private public
started by Lars Bauer on 01 Jan 11 no follow-up yet
  • Lars Bauer
    When I save an image on a page that I have already saved to diigo, 3 things happen that I do not want to happen:
    - changes I made to the title of the bookmark are gone
    - the bookmark description I added is lost
    - the bookmark is converted from private to public

    This is a serious step backwards of the paid version compared to highlighting images in previous versions. Thanks for fixing this soon.
Lars Bauer

Summary of issues with ampersand and semicolon in URL, title or description - 24 views

ampersand semicolon url cache save-elsewhere delicious bugs bug
Graham Perrin

new bookmarks in Diigo not saved elsewhere (to Delicious) - 32 views

inconsistency bug Delicious save elsewhere resolved
started by Graham Perrin on 06 Aug 09 no follow-up yet
  • Lars Bauer
    Graham Perrin wrote:
    > I'll treat this topic as resolved.

    Confirmed. Cross-posting to Delicious is working smoothly again:
    - bookmarks appear in Delicious after a few seconds
    - public/private status is preserved

    Thanks for solving this.
Russ Goerend

Tags not "sticking" - 89 views

tags-related tag group share edit add help review 20090924
started by Russ Goerend on 01 Jul 09 no follow-up yet
  • Lars Bauer
    Graham Perrin wrote:
    > Subject: please, do not convert descriptions to personal comments
    > Lars Bauer wrote:
    > > descriptions … as a … comment
    > With respect: I disagree strongly.
    > When I write a description, I expect it to be presented as a description.

    Graham, first I was of the same opinion as you are. But then I realized that things are more complicated because diigo handles group bookmarks as copies of users' bookmarks.

    When I save a bookmark to a group that has already been shared to that group, my description and tags will overwrite existing descriptions and tags (and if I don't add any description or tags, existing ones will be deleted).
    I assume that's why diigo automatically duplicates a description as a group comment by that user when I click 'Share to a group'. This way, original descriptions will be retained as a comment even after another group member has added a new description. A disadvantage is, however, that the last description will appear twice in group feeds and blog or e-mail forwardings: once as description, once as comment. This is not ideal either.

    In my view, the only way to get around this is to handle group bookmarks and group content separately:

    1. either by adding another field for group descriptions (as was suggested by Russ for group tags but which could be confusing/undesirable for some users),

    2. or by allowing direct bookmarking to a diigo group (with an option to save a copy to your own bookmarks). Accordingly, one could add another command to the context menu / toolbar: "Bookmark this page to a Diigo group". If the bookmark had already been posted to that group the description and tag fields in the dialog box would then be populated with the existing content which could be amended/modified by subsequent users (same behavior as now for users' bookmarks). Each user could also add comments and highlights. This way, one could also stop duplicating bookmark descriptions as user comments.
    Personally, I would prefer this second solution.

Full Text Search - 87 views

search full-text
Lars Bauer

Posting to delicious truncates bookmark title after vertical bar or semicolon - 26 views

delicious save-elsewhere title bug ampersand semicolon encoding
  • Lars Bauer
    Graham Perrin wrote:
    > Are you sure that
    > |
    > is a factor?
    > At a glance, I see truncation after
    > ;

    You're right. It doesn't seem to be the pipe but the semicolon.
    - ( ) / : > _ also work fine

    text/text: text - text | text > text; addendum

    only truncates the addendum.

    Thanks for the hint, that narrows the problem. I nevertheless hope that semicolons can be included in the near future.
  • Lars Bauer
    Graham Perrin wrote:
    > I should recommend you contact Delicious to see if it's a known issue there.

    FYI: Answer from Britta (Delicious Team Member):
    "It sounds like this is a problem with Diigo - they probably aren't encoding the titles properly. You'll probably want to report this bug to them directly. Thanks!"

Jose Luis Pajares

Multilingual tags - 27 views

localization tags locale suggestion
started by Jose Luis Pajares on 23 Oct 07 no follow-up yet
ajay godhwani

Group RSS Feed displaying Nodes out of order / missing - 50 views

rss feed group bugs loss order confusion inconsistency priority
started by ajay godhwani on 17 Jun 09 no follow-up yet
  • Lars Bauer
    Graham Perrin wrote:

    > The feed will reveal past and future descriptions, comments, sticky notes etc.

    The feed also reflects renaming of tags. I dislike this reordering and wish it could be made optional at least. By default feeds should be sorted by date added.

    I use tag feeds for drawing other team members' attention to new links; if they want to explore new highlightings, comments, tags etc. they can do this at the diigo site.
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