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started by chrisdymond on 11 Jan 10
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  • chrisdymond
    Hi all,

    I've only just discovered Diigo as I've been evaluating it as a company-wide research tool for a small company (70 odd people).

    I like it a lot, as it seems to do more or less what I need it to (especially the way you can have internal discussions about bookmarks while also publishing personal feeds via delicious and group feeds via widgets), however there are a number of things that are odd or broken that I would like to raise to see if anyone else has struggled with these things or perhaps even has a solution.

    1. You can only send a bookmark to 1 list and 1 group at a time.

    2. When adding a bookmark to a group, the description suddenly becomes a comment from the person adding the bookmark.

    3. When save to delicious is enabled, annotations are saved to delicious as well as bookmarks!

    4. Descriptions are heavily truncated when auto-saved to delicious.

    5. Spaces in tags are converted to underscores in delicious.

    6. There don't seem to be any decent tag curation tools (e.g. bulk add / replace, etc.)

    Does anyone have any suggestions?
  • fishead ...•∞º˙
    take a look at 'lists" for curation tools--lists let you reorganize disparate data from multiple sources into a whole new entity, as well as save out as a report document, similar to a slide presentation. Veryy Interesting!!!
  • chrisdymond
    Thanks fishead, lists are really useful (especially for keeping 'foundational' resources separate) but I'm really looking for something else - maybe 'tag management' is a more appropriate term. It's to cope with two scenarios I can think of: firstly externally-driven name changes and secondly adding more detailed meta data.

    An example of the first case would be that we have a bunch of bookmarks that are relevent to a particular team and are tagged with the team name (say 'new business sales') then somtime in the future the company is reorganised and the team name changes to 'sales and marketing' (these things happen ;-) we'd need to search and replace the existing tags to reflect the new team name.

    An example of the second is where we, say, have a bunch of bookmarks that are relevent to a particular subject, say 'collaboration' and then over time that subject becomes increasingly important and more specilised and the number of resources we have on the subject increases to the point of unmanageability, so we want to curate those resources and sub-divide them into three meta-topics (say 'project collaboration', 'community management' and 'privacy modelling') - we need tools to easily bulk tag filtered results.

    Basically, the issues I'm dealing with is that given 70 people, most of whom are continually researching their specialism, there are going to be a *lot* of bookmarks to manage and organise :-)
  • chrisdymond
    10. When configuring a Group Linkroll widget, the embedded widget still shows the Diigo logo despite the 'icon' option being unchecked, the embed code showing 'icon=false' and the icon not showing in the preview. I've done a screencast of this here:

    I'd like to be able to publish a link roll (or several link rolls for different topics) from a private group on a public site, but I need to either de-link the Title (as I don't want people trying to link back to the group and finding that they don't have permission), or remove the title entirely and replace it with our own title above the embedded widget. However, if we do the latter, the Diigo icon looks a bit out of place, so I'd like to remove both title and icon from the widget - but as you can see it doesn't seem to work. It doesn't seem to be an in-browser caching problem either.

    PS: Is anyone from Diigo reading this? Please let me know if I'm being annoying with all these issue reports, or if there's somewhere better to raise them!
  • yc c
    >1. You can only send a bookmark to 1 list and 1 group at a time.

    Agree, it has been requested and is on it's way but it'll be a premium feature...

    >2. When adding a bookmark to a group, the description suddenly becomes a comment from the person adding the bookmark.

    Now that you mention it... yes. I have noticed but never gave much attention. What do you suggest?
    It IS sometime comments, so there's a need to detect the source of the text...

    >3, 4, 5. Delicious

    I know delicious bugs have been reported... but that's about it. Sorry.
    About spaces: If your going to sync to delicious, better avoid spaces and directly use _ or -, but avoid "quotes with spaces"

    >Re: 6. Tag curation tools... just for incase:
    # The Library has 3 different views, one for batch editing all the visible bookmarks of a page (max. 100)

    # The 'Edit Tags' pages also allows to add/replace tags: You can edit a tag and put several (space separated) , all the bookmarks in question will get those tags.

    >9. When a bookmark is edited in My Library and shared with a group, the submission date/time on the group entry is reset to now and the bookmark jumps to the top of the list in the group when sorted by 'most recent'. (This is likely to be an issue when editing old bookmarks as people see the list intuitively as a history of captured knowledge rather than a history of edits to that knowledge).

    This has been submitted, for now it depends where you edit

    >10. Linkrolls:
    Remember that you can use any RSS widget using the feed links (and there's also the API )

    Diigo is quit a fancy tool, and there are still many bugs . If you look around here, you'll see some bugs get repaired straight away and some take time...

    I wish Diigo would put a bit more effort in maintenance... I have many broken links in my old bookmarks.
    Also I though the bookmarks I submitted to groups are always the same one bookmarks, well no they become two... which means if you want to edit one, the other won't change.
  • yc c
    >Descriptions are heavily truncated when auto-saved to delicious.
    They've fixed for Emails... does it change for delicious?
    Delicious supports max. 1000 chars, and mine are OK -> ycc2106's Bookmarks on Delicious
  • chrisdymond
    Re point 2. It took me a little while to figure out what you're on about yuppi_c, but you are right! Highlighting does create a better description that adding a description does, and it doesn't attribute it to you when you cross post to a group. And yes, it would be useful to have a transparent highlight so you just get the annotation in the library feed but don't get a distracting highlight on the page itself.

    Thanks for the links - I didn't know Diigo did a WebSlides..interesting!

    And yeah, I think the truncation issue is fixed in delicious

    Thanks yuppi!

    One new issue I've discovered though is that you don't seem to be able to get an RSS feed of a member's contributions to a group (although you can get a feed of pretty much everything else).

    Basically I want to show a feed of things that I've found that are interesting to the rest of the company I work for, so want include only those that I've shared with the company group, but equally don't want to show everything that everyone posts to the group. So pages of the following type need to be RSS enabled:

    Anyone at Diigo? Pretty please? :-)
  • Graham Perrin
    > difference between searching My Library and searching one of my Groups


    Diigo Groups were a relatively late addition to the Diigo feature set. Whilst Diigo 4.0 beta brought great improvements to groups, there remain significant differences between the two concepts:

    * personal library — bookmarks with descriptions, lists plus WebSlides, no topics
    * group — bookmarks without descriptions, plus topics, no lists.

    — and I don't imagine that there will ever be complete parity between the two.

    A hint: think of bookmark workflow, from your library to a group, as a copy (not sharing).

    You might like to break some of the discussion into separate topics (some of which already exist), this lengthening multi-subject topic could become a little difficult to follow (and might never be tagged resolved).


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