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Graham Perrin

My Languages: Skype Interview : Social Bookmarking - 0 views

  • Michèle Drechsler is an “inspector of the Education Nationale” in France. She manages a district of 260 teachers.
  • What are the changes caused by the new technologies for the professional training against the KM (Knowledge Management) and Cops (community of practices) paradigm?
  • Teaching resources on line and Web2.0.Indexing, bookmarking and folksonomy
  • ...25 more annotations...
  • reflect on my social bookmarking practices
  • What were the most important reasons for you to join Diigo?
  • I usually start going through my Diigo emails
  • with like-minded people
  • Diigo group
  • a very effective way to keep up to date with cutting edge practice
  • easier to identify people who have common interests
  • maximise the exchanges
  • easily trackable by rss
  • (immediate or weekly) emails
  • How do you manage your subscriptions?
  • much more potential to share
  • I have joined quite a few Diigo groups
  • manage the information according to the time available
  • quick check, save on Diigo or
  • as a reminder to read the article or the report later
  • send a shortcut to my computer
  • Key words need to be standardized
  • s a protocol necessary
  • to determine a common vocabulary
  • or is self-regulation best?
  • too restricting to regulate for a whole group
  • different languages
  • I do not think it makes any difference
  • Does socialbookmarking enable you to be innovative?
    Thanks to Isabelle Jones for sharing. In this interview we find some interesting observations on where Diigo fits (sometimes, between other things).
Richard Sheppard

Re-importing from - 62 views

Thanks Joel! Thanks for reminding me about the -> diigo issue. I have invited the people who send me links in to Diigo, but .... leading a horse to water .... Cheers, Ric... import importing duplicates Delicious

Nathan Rein

Bookmark URLs exported to Delicious and Ma.gnolia break at ampersand character - 46 views

I just discovered that when I use the "save elsewhere" feature on a bookmark with an ampersand in the URL, the exported URL breaks at the ampersand character. The ampersand and everything following...

bookmarking delicious export ma.gnolia save-elsewhere

started by Nathan Rein on 24 Aug 08 no follow-up yet
Jamie Martin and Ma.gnolia exporting has become erratic - 199 views

Yeah nevermind, it appears as if "Validate account" only validates your username, and not the password. I re-entered my credentials and it was fine. Diigo could have probably let me know that it w...

bookmarking elsewhere export ma.gnolia Delicious

Joel Liu

But where are the tag lists?? - 85 views

Hi Oddity, I am sorry there is no way to view all tags in the toolbar now. However, I will record your post as a feature request.

bundles list toolbar Delicious

Jeff Johnson

25+ Ways To Synchronize Your Bookmarks - 2 views

    Despite social bookmarking sites such as Delicious and Diigo, many of us still like to bookmark the old fashioned way - using our browser's menu bar. But, if we have to use multiple browsers and computers our bookmarks soon get scattered and unorganized. Bookmark synchronizers solve that problem by merging our bookmarks and storing them online for easy access. Below is a collection of all the bookmark synchronizing services we could find.
Helaine .

Diigo text in has extra characters - 36 views

I save to Diigo and at the same time all the time. For the last month or so, anything that saved in the Notes field that starts with "annotated link" has extra characters e.... diigo Delicious

started by Helaine . on 02 Jun 08 no follow-up yet
P. G.

Private bookmarks shared with become public there - 59 views

v. After installing the version, the problem still remains. * Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3 (32bit) * Flock v.1.1.4 privacy Delicious

marcell mars

highlighted text is not anymore description when sent to - 102 views

Joel Liu wrote: > 1) Select the text > 2) Click Bookmark button on the toolbar, the text will appear in the description field. i don't use diigo toolbar.. i use context menu.. i have just address ... feature Delicious

Helaine .

Save Elsewhere only lists 3 sites - 67 views

Hi Joel, It's a shock to find an "upgrade" that takes away features with no warning. Is it possible to go back to the previous version? Before Diigo, I used other "scripts/bookmarklets" that al... furl ma.gnolia save-elswhere simpy Delicious

Graham Perrin

Wishlist: adding items to lists by clicking on tags. - 70 views

Maggie wrote: > tag-bundle In the screen shot at a menu drops down to show: * bundles of tags * Diigo bookmarks within each bundle. list tag wishlist Delicious tag (metadata) group bundle suggestion

Suzannah Claire

Bug:: Diigo to Delicious:: Bookmark Title - 33 views

Just another note: When we change the name/title of the bookmark from the original title that the web page gives us, (the field between URL and TAGS) the new title doesnt translate to Delicious. ...

bookmarking bug title Delicious

started by Suzannah Claire on 07 Mar 08 no follow-up yet
Ren Leek import is in reverse order - 50 views

Sorry to butt in but I also have the same problem, has this been fixed yet?

bookmarks delicious import order reverse

Joel Liu bookmark forwarding - %20 problem - 16 views

That's 0.5.2007021000 - too old?? joel wrote: > Hi Ben, > Could you tell me your toolbar version number? Delicious


Bookmarks not deleted from other services - 23 views

Hi, thought it sensible to separate these into two posts. I use Diigo to bookmark/tag into Diigo, Blinklist, and ma.gnolia . If I delete a bookmark using the delete function from a li...

blinklist delete ma.gnolia Delicious

started by anonymous on 29 Nov 07 no follow-up yet
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