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Julian Qian

Can I import bookmark tags to "My Tags" in diigo? - 31 views

delicious bookmark tags
  • Julian Qian
    Hello, I am a newbie of diigo. I have a question about how to import delicious tags into diigo.

    A few days ago, I imported all my delicious bookmarks into diigo. Actually, all delicious bookmarks are imported into "My Library", and all tags are also displayed under each bookmarks. However, when I dig more, I found that these tags were not imported into "My Tags" of left sidebar. And after I click "Edit" beyond "My Tags", it's actually no one tag to be edited.

    Does it mean I can not actually import all my delicious tags into "My Tags" in diigo? Are these original delicious tags only able to be shown with bookmarks, but not be searched and edited in "My Tags"? I have more than one thousand tags in delicious, I hope I can also search and edit them in diigo. Is there some way to help me achieve that? Thanks.
  • Julian Qian
    Sorry, I find all tags has been imported into "My Tags". It seems some hours is needed to complete this job. -_-!
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