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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Nathan Rein

Nathan Rein

Bulk editing of bookmarks? - 780 views

bulk diigo bookmarks edit lists tags performance bug
  • Nathan Rein
    It seems to me that from my main dashboard page i used to be able to bulk-edit bookmarks. There was a checkbox next to every bookmark listing, and i could check multiple bookmarks and add tags or add them to lists. Is this feature gone, or have I just somehow gotten confused?
  • Nathan Rein
    Weird .. I thought I'd tried that, but now that I try it again, it works fine. For the record, it's the third (rightmost) icon that turns on the checkboxes. Maybe it was loading slowly yesterday or something. Thanks for your response.
Andy Standfield

Feature Request: Annotated Link in RSS Feed - 64 views

feature requests rss sharing suggestion feed review
started by Andy Standfield on 02 Oct 08 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin liked it
  • Nathan Rein
    Yes, including Meta Pages in the feeds would make more sense. Good thinking.
Nathan Rein

When cross-posting to Delicious, use a short link for "Annotated Link" - 33 views

delicious diigo cross-posting url encoding shortening short suggestion
started by Nathan Rein on 03 Oct 09 no follow-up yet
  • Nathan Rein
    I know that Diigo can shorten annotated links. I suggest that when cross-posting to Delicious, the shortened link be exported into the Delicious description field, instead of the current long annotated link.

    The way it is now, the link looks messy, and it's hard to read because of the URL encoding. In addition, since links aren't clickable in Delicious descriptions, a user will have to copy-and-paste the link text in order to open the annotated link page. This would be much easier if the link were shorter, and I think it would encourage more Delicious users to check out Diigo's features.

    This is obviously not urgent, and I suggest it as a humble user and supporter of Diigo's activities. I think it's come up before in the forums, but a quick search did not turn it up.

    Best wishes. I'm loving v4.

Nathan Rein

Is Webslides still supported, or is it dead? - 69 views

webslides slides rss
started by Nathan Rein on 20 Sep 09 no follow-up yet
  • Nathan Rein
    I've tried repeatedly for several weeks to create a new RSS-based slideshow at and each time I get the response, "Looks like this feed is invalid or not currently responding." Needless to say I have tried this with multiple feeds, all of which I've tested in other readers and all of which are valid and working fine. I have one RSS-based slideshow bookmarked, and when I try to view it, I get the response, "We are experiencing technical difficulties."

    Has support for RSS-based slideshows been discontinued?

    Over the past couple of weeks, I've posted about this on this forum before, and I've sent a Twitter post to @diigo, and each time I've gotten no response or acknowledgment.

    I'm not trying to be a jerk or anything, and I realize this is a free service with a limited staff and resources, but when I see something like Webslides apparently being abandoned by the company that created it, without any announcement or response to repeated support requests, it makes me wonder about the future reliability of Diigo as a service. Is it time for me to pull my bookmarks out and move on?
Suzannah Claire

Diigo to Delicious Bugs - 91 views

bugs delicious diigo bug
started by Suzannah Claire on 08 Sep 08 no follow-up yet
  • Nathan Rein
    My input: first, the "annotated link" text in the Delicious description. I would be OK with it staying but not URL-encoded. It's too long and unreadable, and you have to URL-decode it before you can even paste it into a browser location bar. Better still would be if it could be TinyURL-ed first (or, ideally, using an in-house Diigo-based URL shortener).

    Second: I have had some success having changes to bookmarks in Diigo passed to Delicious. If it's not happening for you, then there may be some problems in the communication via the Delicious API. Don't have any guesses as to where the problem might be ... except:

    Third (and I should probably start a new thread with this): starting late yesterday, none of my Diigo bookmarks were exported into Delicious. Up to that point it was working great. Other services that I use (Clipmarks, Mento) have been posting to Delicious without a problem.

Nathan Rein

Bookmark URLs exported to Delicious and Ma.gnolia break at ampersand character - 46 views

bookmarking delicious export ma.gnolia save-elsewhere
started by Nathan Rein on 24 Aug 08 no follow-up yet
P. G.

IMPORTANT: Checked potential issues with new URL? - 75 views

started by P. G. on 02 Aug 08 no follow-up yet
Nathan Rein and Ma.gnolia exporting has become erratic - 199 views

bookmarking elsewhere export ma.gnolia Delicious
  • Nathan Rein
    For the last few days, only a fraction of the bookmarks I've saved using the Diigo toolbar have been exported to and Ma.gnolia. Based on the posting times, it looks as though exporting stopped, (but not completely) sometime on July 28. SInce then, I have posted fourteen links to Diigo. Four were posted to, and five were posted to Ma.gnolia (the same four, plus one more), all today. The last batch were posted to Diigo using the toolbar sometime on July 28 and were forwarded to and Ma.gnolia around 11 pm EDT, July 30.

    The relevant links are:

    Any insight would be helpful. I am very dependent on the export feature.
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  • Nathan Rein
    That could be the explanation. I was doubtful since the same problem seemed to be affecting Ma.gnolia exports the same way. However, today, Ma.gnolia posts seem to have "caught up" to Diigo, but posts haven't (I guess I have to start calling it now).
  • Nathan Rein
    Update: One link I posted on August 1 was sent to delicious properly. Today (two hours ago) I posted two more, and they did not get sent to Posting to Ma.gnolia seems to be working fine. I have another service ( which also exports to delicious and they are having no trouble.

  • Nathan Rein
    Update: After several successful posts a few days ago, none of my Diigo bookmarks have been saved to delicious. I had an email exchange with Joel from Diigo, who said the problem was on delicious's side. However, I have several other services auto-posting to delicious without trouble, and it seem like other people haven't been having the same problem. So, for the moment, I'm going to hold off on posting anything to Diigo, since it doesn't look like this issue's going to be solved.

    On the other hand, posting to Ma.gnolia seems to be working fine.
  • Nathan Rein
    Some time after making my original post, the problem seems to have been corrected. Over the past week or two, I have been finding that exports to delicious have been working quickly and reliably. Sorry, I should have posted this update earlier.
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