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Tyme 2.0

Export bookmarks - what's NOT exported - 144 views

and the "date of bookmark" too please...

export backup suggeston help

Graham Perrin

Can't backup my diigo bookmarks on delicious - 40 views

I repeated both processes, and even got a "Delicious Process Successfully %100" - but no email confirmation from Diigo.

diigo delicious backup save

Graham Perrin

Snapshots - Where are they saved and where can they be saved? - 74 views

I'm excited about the snapshot tool as a way to back up my personal writing clips. However, I'm wondering if these are saved to Diigo's servers or if I can backup snapshots to my own machine? Backi...

diigo snapshots backup archival snapshot archive cache local suggestion

Mac Digg

Export Option - 72 views

> backing up … support for tags Amongst the tools at you can export to RSS. The result does includes tags. I find it very useful.

Export LinkMan PowerMarks Backup BookMarks Tabs tag resolved

davido T

Automatic backup? - 92 views

I second that. If nothing else, maybe there must be some scripting app out there that can periodically go get a new export. I just don't know the app ;-) ezuk - wrote: > Hello, > > > > I know...

automatic backup export


access cached pages - 74 views

thank you. but can you know the assigned url for each cached page- not the original url-? thus it would be possible to download them for offline browsing or backup with a download manager software

backup diigo offline

davido T

CSV backup shows no annotations - 115 views

Unfortunately I got none of my highlights, using csv and rss a few minutes ago. This used to work actually. I have a csv export from Sept 07 that includes highlights. I hope this functionality will...



Save or print with highlights and stickies visible - 478 views

seantmitch, Agree and thanks for your input. We'll be offering more enhancements. Meanwhile, few things you can do now: 1) Extract (we will also further enhance more features here...) 2)...

backup highlight print save sticky

davido T

How to back up bookmarks? - 571 views

a belated thanks! I see that csv and rss include the most info. I'll try both. I'd love for my diigo bookmarks to be searchable by Google Desktop, so they'd pop-up as results and remind me I'd b...


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