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The Ravine / Joseph Dunphy

Where data goes when it dies and other musings | FactoryCity - 0 views

    Post about the data loss incident at Ma.gnolia and what users of other services can do to reduce their risk
The Ravine / Joseph Dunphy

Citizen Garden Episode 11: Whither Ma.gnolia? on Vimeo - 0 views

    Larry Halff of Ma.gnolia (where I and many other users were before we came to Diigo) is interviewed, following the collapse of that service, and explains what he did wrong, without evasion. Many of us wish him well, and hope that both he manages to rebuild his company after this regrettable incident.
Nathan Rein

Bookmark URLs exported to Delicious and Ma.gnolia break at ampersand character - 46 views

I just discovered that when I use the "save elsewhere" feature on a bookmark with an ampersand in the URL, the exported URL breaks at the ampersand character. The ampersand and everything following...

bookmarking delicious export ma.gnolia save-elsewhere

started by Nathan Rein on 24 Aug 08 no follow-up yet
Jamie Martin and Ma.gnolia exporting has become erratic - 199 views

Yeah nevermind, it appears as if "Validate account" only validates your username, and not the password. I re-entered my credentials and it was fine. Diigo could have probably let me know that it w...

bookmarking elsewhere export ma.gnolia Delicious

Michael Krelin

import ma.gnolia bookmarks - 111 views

Joel, not anymore, but the " was in the title, I believe, not in the URL. And it was imported with " instead of ". So I'd guess any bookmark with " in title should do for...

bookmarks import ma.gnolia support

Helaine .

Save Elsewhere only lists 3 sites - 67 views

Hi Joel, It's a shock to find an "upgrade" that takes away features with no warning. Is it possible to go back to the previous version? Before Diigo, I used other "scripts/bookmarklets" that al... furl ma.gnolia save-elswhere simpy Delicious

Nigel Gale

Bookmarks not deleted from other services - 23 views

Hi, thought it sensible to separate these into two posts. I use Diigo to bookmark/tag into Diigo, Blinklist, and ma.gnolia . If I delete a bookmark using the delete function from a li...

blinklist delete ma.gnolia Delicious

started by Nigel Gale on 29 Nov 07 no follow-up yet
Nigel Gale

Changes not updated to other services - 28 views

OK I understand about potential hazards for batch operations, so don't enable that functionality for batch operations. However, if the functionality already exists in the toolbar, just ensure the ...

blinklist ma.gnolia Delicious

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