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Can't bookmarkřetislav_Pojar - 14 views

Having tested it on chrome, I find this webpage can be bookmarked by using post to diigo. It is already in my library.

bug post URL Wikipedia gpd4

Graham Perrin

permalinks for lists are wrong - 11 views

1. In any of your lists, click Permalink Bug At the tail of the permalink is a character " - that is not required

bug list permalink URL gpd4

started by Graham Perrin on 21 Jul 10 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin

Bug: Anchors within the same page should be ignored - 14 views

Support for # with URLs was introduced with Diigo 4.0 beta. Amongst the FAQ there's a topic,

bug diigo anchor link url resolved duplicate

Graham Perrin

&lang=en tail of URL misinterpreted as 〈=en - 2 views is misinterpreted as〈=en Visibl...

bug comment URL inconsistency meta gpd4

Shahim Essaid

URL fragment creates a new bookmark - 14 views

Diigo treats a URL with a fragment as a different URL. It would be nice to have an option to change this so that URLs that only differ on the fragment part are considered the same. With the types ...

suggestion bookmark URL

started by Shahim Essaid on 05 May 10 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin

Post to Diigo: for some URLs, redirection is wrong - 16 views

A gentle bump. Most recent failure: redirection after using Post to Diigo for Duplicate bookmarks are ...

bug post URL redirect # gpd4

Graham Perrin

HTML broken in sticky notes in for Firefox - 4 views

> broken in Diigo Still broken in added to Firefox 3.6.

bug Firefox Mozilla Firefox HTML URL hyperlink

Graham Perrin

Google Wave URLs, and other URLs with a colon : are broken in comments - 7 views

Breakage is not limited to Google Wave URLs. Another example of breakage is in the first comment at

bug comment URL hyperlink link gpd4

Graham Perrin

Forum comments and annotations - 17 views

> Community library may be not up-to-date For that issue I have created a separate topic, Community library is inconsistent/outdated

diigo help highlight page comment annotation URL

Graham Perrin

Posterous links to Diigo Meta: error 500 - 42 views

I simply wrote in posterous, and made an error whilst writing there. PEBKAM, problem exists between keyboard and monitor. The problem was me ;) > diigo to support posterous One of many service...

bug resolved invalid PEBKAM Posterous error 500 meta link URL

Graham Perrin

URLs/hyperlinks badly broken in sticky notes in Diigo for Firefox - 8 views

Fix verified, thanks! (For most resolutions, I'll simply add tags such as resolved to the topic.)

bug fixed verified resolved thanks Firefox Mozilla Firefox HTML URL hyperlink thank you

Graham Perrin

long URLs in sticky notes have adverse effects on annotated links/views and on Diigo Meta - 7 views

Maybe Diigo made some improvements in this area. screen shots 001-003, if the user begins with an unusually wide window then narrows it, the URL wraps reasonab...

eating one's own dog food UI GUI URL meta annotated link view Diigolet 4.0b5 gpd4

Graham Perrin sidebar: annotations: URL misinterpreted; file not found error within sidebar - 2 views

Bug With Diigo added to Firefox, the sidebar view of annotations of has a problem with URLs in comments. Clicking the link leads to an error within the sideb...

bug URL link Firefox sidebar gpd4

started by Graham Perrin on 03 Oct 09 no follow-up yet
leonardo aloi

Is diigo spyware? - 61 views

thank you Graham but still disoriented: - the "silent mode" Joel refers to is currently available? - the current TCP connections to are for what?

Diigo suggestion privacy spyware URL collection

Graham Perrin

hyperlink in group description - 6 views

Surprise! Diigo 4.0 beta supports hyperlinks within group descriptions :) Example at

help group description hyperlink URL link HTML gpd4

started by Graham Perrin on 03 Oct 09 no follow-up yet
Suzannah Claire

When cross-posting to Delicious, use a short link for "Annotated Link" - 33 views

I so very much wholeheartedly agree!!! Especially in the case of comments. If you only comment on a page, and you dont highlight or anything else, the interface is TOTALLY weird. If you open the...

delicious diigo cross-posting url encoding shortening short suggestion

Graham Perrin

improving visibility/legibility of URLs in my library - 12 views (the advanced display mode; the pro edit (professional) mode) should not abbreviate URLs. The professional view should allow m...

library bookmark URL missing view suggestion gpd4

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