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delete trovi - 4 views

We have researched on trovi removal that how to Remove trovi Hijacker from internet explorer, Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Windows then you are the right place.

started by anonymous on 28 Jul 15 no follow-up yet

peer to peer lending - 2 views

It connects wealthy lenders to creditworthy borrowers. It would be India's first platform with such a high level of automation while lending to individuals. Borrowers get fast money and that too ha...

fast loan peer to lending get money how earn financial lenders

started by anonymous on 09 Jul 15 no follow-up yet
Never Knew

how to delete a bookmark? - 9 views

I'm confused! Can we delete a bookmark from the toolbar? or i have to search the library for that bookmark and delete it? for example, when opening a bookmark from the library and then i want to de...

delete bookmark

started by Never Knew on 23 Jun 15 no follow-up yet
Reijo Koskela

Yellow highlight color sucks - 6 views

I use Firefox Addon and Chrome addon. Maybe I can modify the Firefox Addon a bit?

color colours hack

davido T

Superfish risk in Diigo Chrome extensions - 18 views

Yes, it's listed in Awesome Screenshot, with opt-out instructions. It's great that Diigo is transparent about using it--and based on that, I hope that the lack of mention in their other extensions ...

Superfish Awesome_Screenshot

Wendy Lyon

Share this page not working - 6 views

Has not worked for me for 24 hours. Chrome or Firefox.

started by Wendy Lyon on 13 Feb 15 no follow-up yet

25 Psychological Life Hacks to Gain Advantage in Social Situations - 9 views

realy nice article, Please check this out MTP Kit - easy help to end un unwanted pregnancy without worries

Habits success

Phil S

Annoyance: text selection is affected by the Diigo pop-up toolbar - 5 views

The answer from Lynn was to disable the pop-up menu.

Phil S

Click bookmark link -> goes to 'meta page' -> displays nothing - 3 views

I got an answer from Lynn that she could not replicate this. Now I can't replicate it either! It must have been a glitch in the Matrix; all working properly now though. Thanks.

Mark Lynam

Toolbar not customizable - 32 views

Wow... a few months passing and no follow-up from Diigo HQ.

Frank D.

25 Psychological Life Hacks to Gain Advantage in Social Situations - 12 views



started by Frank D. on 12 Nov 14 no follow-up yet
Frank D.

25 Psychological Life Hacks to Gain Advantage in Social Situations - 3 views


Habits success

started by Frank D. on 12 Nov 14 no follow-up yet
Frank D.

Fwd: The Physics of Productivity: Newton's Laws of Getting Stuff Done - 6 views



started by Frank D. on 12 Nov 14 no follow-up yet

line breaks entered in note are lost - 27 views

I have the same issue. If I look at the note in which I lost the line breaks in the Android app, I see the linebreaks replaces with escaped html tas <br>. In the web version the literal html ...

bug assigned dataloss note gpd4


Is there a feature to set up lists within a group? - 44 views

I would also really like this functionality. We have a group of researchers and we for instance have links to articles, for which some still need work (like downloading, reviewing, reading, etc). I...

feature list group suggestion

Tyme 2.0

Export bookmarks - what's NOT exported - 129 views

and the "date of bookmark" too please...

export backup suggeston help

Vipas Suktavornprasit

Rename group - 39 views

Hello! May I request to change my group URL from "cyber-road" to "computing-road"? For the group name, I've already done. Thank you very much, [VS]


Motti Saar

Post elsewhere settings do not accept inout - 36 views

What do you mean do not accept inout? What is inout? I wanted to add my other profiles in My Elsewhere buy I do not know how. Anyone help? Is it for premium users only?

delicious account settings

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