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Never Knew

how to delete a bookmark? - 43 views

delete bookmark

started by Never Knew on 23 Jun 15
  • Never Knew
    I'm confused! Can we delete a bookmark from the toolbar? or i have to search the library for that bookmark and delete it?
    for example, when opening a bookmark from the library and then i want to delete it from my library.. do i have to go back and do it manually?

  • Charan Amrit
    Yaa you can delete that bookmark...There you have an option to delete, edit and send three options so by using that particular option you can delete your bookmark...
  • agencynbs
  • joe fransico
    On the Diigo you can delete and edit your bookmark just login to choose option for delete and edit.
  • mdsozib
    just login to your account and delete the bookmark from your account.
  • akkampkiran
    informative thanks
  • limohiremel
    Yes.. Just login to your account.. choose the bookmark to delete and click three dot at the left corner. Then click edit or delete to remove the bookmark

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