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Freya Palmer

Thumbnail preview of bookmark automatically generated when bookmarking. - 45 views

Is there any fix to the problem described by @Fantleas P? I'm having the same issue

screenshot thumbnail preview bookmarks pdf save search

Frank Mulligan

Screen Image Capture - 5 views

Diigo tells me there is a function to capture a webpage as an image. I have the chrome extension and the latest version of Diigo but I am damned if I can find anything resembling a screenshot funct...


started by Frank Mulligan on 29 Jun 12 no follow-up yet

How do I post a screenshot from diigo to - 109 views

fashion shopping fashion shopping fashion shopping fashion shopping fashion shopping fashion shopping fashion shopping fashion shopping fashion shopping fashion shopping fashion shopping fashion sh...

screenshot wordpress blog technical problem help

Joel Liu

Awesome Screenshot 2.3.1 sometimes crashes (disappears from Google Chrome) after clicki... - 23 views

The issue was fixed with the latest version 2.4.1

bug dataloss screenshot 2.3.1 Google Chrome 5.0.375.127 extension (software) gpd4


Awesome Screenshot 1.3.2: unexpected reloads cause dataloss from forms - 13 views

After I captured in its entirety, I noticed that the tab reloaded. Environment Webkit ni...

bug priority assigned dataloss field form screenshot 1.3.2 page tab reload gpd4


Awesome Screenshot 1.3.2: uploaded shot: view in new tab: sometimes fails (Amazon S3 Ac... - 13 views

At sometimes when I use the contextual menu to view the image in a new tab, problems: 1.

bug assigned screenshot upload Amazon S3 view tab gpd4

Graham Perrin

Awesome Screenshot: delete/remove/trash a shot - 44 views

> tasks more urgent Understood and agreed :) Thanks Graham

suggestion screenshot delete remove trash gpd4


Awesome Screenshot 1.2 for Safari: file name issues - 47 views

Hi Graham, Thanks for your continuous efforts to help us to improve. Juggling many tasks - priority will go to those that achieve the max leverage / impact.We have high priority tasks at hand now...

bug screenshot 1.2 name gpd4

Graham Perrin

Confusion: and captures and screenshots - 31 views

Thanks. It would be great to have the ability to upload to Diigo using Diigolet, or an extension to Safari. In the meantime, I use Wuala to share screen shots.

suggestion screenshot 2.2.2 Google Chrome Diigo domain gpd4

Graham Perrin

Chrome Awesome Screenshot | Software blog - 0 views

  • Google’s short introduction video to Awesome Screenshot
    • Graham Perrin
      I think this is not Google's.
Graham Perrin

Awesome Screenshot 1.0 for Safari is limited to the visible area - 25 views

Thanks. I'm curious, > safari does not allow any codes inserted into some webpages — is that Safari respecting the preference of a publisher (or developer/webmaster) to not insert code?

screenshot assigned 1.0 Safari gpd4

Graham Perrin

Awesome Screenshot 1.0 for Safari silently fails to upload - 33 views

> Please upgrade your extension. Upgraded automatically. >> How can I discover the URL of what was saved/uploaded? > The URL of the picture is shown in the column on the > lower right corner ...

bug resolved screenshot 1.0 Safari gpd4

Graham Perrin

screen shots - 5 views

Generally: In Diigo, the tools that support screenshots are: * Awesome Screenshot extension for Safari * Awesome Screenshot extension for Google Chrome...

screenshot help resolved

Graham Perrin

Diigo now supports screenshots « Moving at the Speed of Creativity - 13 views

  • Diigo now supports screenshots
  • The following video, included in the post
  • Diigo's screenshot functionality as a reasonably powerful Skitch alternative
  • ...2 more annotations...
  • Diigo V5: Collect and Highlight, Then Remember!
  • diigobuzz on Vimeo
    Nothing ever happened to me. I ask someone on here if i could and they said i could use it.
yc c

Awesome Screenshot w Diigo Integration - Google Chrome extension gallery - 16 views

    Capture a screenshot, annotate it with rectangles, circles, arrows, lines and text, crop any part of the screen shot and save it as a file.\nInstall diigo Integration to come!
Graham Perrin

Sharing a snapshot - 31 views

> snapshot image … on my blog If your blog service does not allow uploading of images, I should recommend an image sharing service. FWIW I'm very pleased with the feature set, and integration, of ...

screenshot snapshot

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