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How do I post a screenshot from diigo to - 110 views

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  • marmaladeinfp
    I'm new to diigo. I just made my first screenshot and saved it. I tried to post it to my wordrpess blog, but it doesn't seem to be working. I tried copying and posting the image. And then I tried copying and posting the image url. At first, it seemed to be working fine. It showed in my blog post last night, but today the image doesn't show. Is there an incompatibility issue between diigo and wordpress? Can anyone offer some assistance?
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  • marmaladeinfp
    I was playing around with it some more. I've posted the image again and now it shows, but I don't know that it will stay that way. I decided to open the image in its own tab before copying it. I don't think that should make a difference, but what do I know. What would cause a posted image to show when initially posted and not show later on but then show again when posted again? The image is saved correctly as far as I can tell. The image itself seems fine.
  • marmaladeinfp
    Okay, I give up. After a few minutes, I refreshed the blog page and the image stopped showing again. Someone please help me. I'd really like to be able to post screenshots in my blog. It seems like such a simple thing to do, but I can't figure it out.
  • marmaladeinfp
    Is there anyone active on the Diigo Community? I've only had 7 people view my request for help and not a single person has responded. Is there anywhere on this site I can get help or find info about this problem? Could someone respond to this just to acknowledge my existence? Wouldn't diigo be absolutely useless if you can't find help for even the most basic of issues?
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