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Eva 01

Highlights gone - 59 views


started by Eva 01 on 20 Jun 08
  • Eva 01
    I was exchanging facebook messages with a friend and we were using diigo to highlight and comment the thread.
    First, I'd have to refresh the page to get the highlights and comments to show up on the text.

    Second, I recently made a post, and now the highlights and comments will not show at all. I can make new ones, but the old ones do not reappear. I still have to refresh the page for the ones to show up when re-visiting the site.

    I can see all the highlights and comments on my bookmarks page, our group page, and on the Diigo Sidebar.

    I guess facebook might be a special case, since the link to our message page depends on the user and if they're logged in, etc., but people do use facebook.

    Thanks for this service and for always looking to improve it!

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