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Maggie Tsai

New toolbar function: Quick Access Filter - 1728 views

See more description on our blog

ff toolbar

John Robert

Tools for Google Chrome? - 1479 views

My Diigo button on my Chrome is working fine.

chrome google_chrome Opera sidebar toolbar suggestion

Graham Perrin

Diigo bookmarking application for Android phones available: DiigoDroid - 1204 views

Cross reference > I'm trying to finish a Diigo Android app

diigo bookmarking android

Graham Perrin

how can I delete my user account? - 1589 views

I should recommend waiting until after the new version of Diigo is released. If you prefer to not try the new version, is your route to deletion.

account delete help settings resolved

Graham Perrin

Diigo sidebar for Safari/WebKit - 1156 views

Subject: shifting focus away from the limited notion of a sidebar within WebKit-based browsers For the record, my thoughts over the past two months have shifted: * from integration (impro...

safari webkit suggestion review 20091130 gpd4

Sara Stephens

how to configure google reader's "send to" feature for diigo? - 1200 views

There's a service that does that. It's called Basically, you set up tasks, like "starred Greader items to diigo" and it does it automatically.

google_chrome Google Reader send API help resolved application programming interface


pdf file highlighting? - 1407 views


adobe_acrobat pdf suggestion

Daniel Gauthier

Where is this forum in the dashboard? the drop-down title-bar? - 983 views

Jay Peek wrote: > Maggie, > > I feel I have assembled the questions sufficiently in one post. -Then i guess we should only need one forum? > This is an attempt of you and yours to reverse time ...

and bugs interface qs bug

Magnolia South

Diigo mobile alpha prototype available - plesae give it a test drive - 826 views

It's great for accessing previous bookmarks, but doesn't allow you to add new ones. That's imperative for me.

highlights mobile notebook

Joel Liu

How do I uninstall Diigo - 901 views

Oh, we will try to fix the bug. BTW, you can also uninstall the toolbar from Firefox ==>Tools ===>Add-ons.

diigo remove toolbar uninstall

Graham Perrin

Bookmarking within Google Reader - 732 views

I didn't expect that the solution would come from the other side(Google) :-) In anyways it's a great addition to GReader/Diigo's current functionality. Thanks for the heads-up Graham

suggestion rss-reader Google Read It Later ReadItLater help Google Reader

Graham Perrin

[Feature Request] Link to the forums in the drop-down menu - 725 views

Hi there, as I often visit the forums and have to go there painstaking with several clicks and scrolling etc., I want to have a link to the forums in the diigo toolbar drop-down menu! There's so m...

suggestion menu option group

yc c

Dashboard: Bookmarks specially shared with me: how do I specially share something with ... - 704 views

Anyone: we can't figure out how becomes populated. Mine remains empty. Can anyone recall how this feature is used? TIA Graham share send menu special help gpd4

Graham Perrin

Diigo forums: 'Search Group Topics' field should be raised as close as possible to othe... - 692 views

Layout of group UI is much improved in Diigo 4.0 beta. Thanks to Diigo team and testers! Tag: resolved

resolved search forum ttw gui suggestion

Graham Perrin

Diigo forum composition garbled if CAPTCHA is not matched - 661 views

Joel Liu wrote: > Got the problem. We will fix it soon. I haven't noticed this issue in a while. Fixed, I guess? - thanks!

CAPTCHA bug resolved

cory plough

Either Diigo needs a "mark as read' button for Shared Bookmarks or they have one and Im... - 630 views

I understand that Wade, and that helps you know how many came in since the last time you looked. But its too heavy to have all the bookmarks that people share just keep piling up. THanks for list...

bookmarks dashboard shared suggestion

Graham Perrin

search all aspects of a group, with predictable/explicit syntax, from the group's home ... - 630 views

Group search in Diigo 4.0 beta is good enough me. Minor glitches are detailed in separate topics. Tag: resolved

resolved search home API suggestion help gpd4 application programming interface

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