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Ivan Tishchenko

Diigo Firefox plugin not able to recognize bookmarked pages - 379 views

toolbar Mozilla Firefox bug

started by Ivan Tishchenko on 11 Apr 13
  • Ivan Tishchenko
    Tried reinstall -- didn't help; apparently it does not clear the cache on uninstall. :(
  • Ivan Tishchenko
    The only work-around I've been able to find is to re-install firefox completely, erasing all private cache and data. I assume this worked because it forced Diigo Toolbar to wipe away the entire cache and re-load it again. Probably, storage format has changed in recent versions which half-invalidated all my bookmarks saved before the update day.
  • Daniel Gauthier
    This isn't good news.
    Has Diigo dropped support for Firefox and give priority to Google Chrome?
    BTW, it would appear that Firefox is gaining momentum and Chrome going downhill in users.

    I have an issue with Firefox Windows version.
    Everytime i install Diigo addon, it must be first installed (before others) and rebooted if i want to modify options and then save them. This issue doesn't occur in Linux.
    Not a big deal but i'm not too inclined to report anything anymore as it would seem that Diigo has become a subdivision of Google spyware.
  • Michael Marchand
  • qj30637

    p.s good post
  • mdsozib
    try new version. i think your problem will be solved
  • mouadeddouch
  • solutionbyyouth
  • alktub

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