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Bobby White

Tags not appearing in global searches - 48 views

Wow, I'm so so bummed about this. I had no idea. Let me explain my use case. OUTSIDE of groups, I want faculty from various universities (unknown, in some cases) to be able to network around bookm...

tag tags problem

Amy Gutman

Diigo dialogue box -- glitch (please help!) - 10 views

I just found this online piece that suggests there's nothing I can really do about this problem. Really?!? That seems totally crazy. Especially since my 7-year-old laptop with only a slightly larg...

dialogue box bookmark problem glitch


How do I post a screenshot from diigo to - 109 views

fashion shopping fashion shopping fashion shopping fashion shopping fashion shopping fashion shopping fashion shopping fashion shopping fashion shopping fashion shopping fashion shopping fashion sh...

screenshot wordpress blog technical problem help


The link to 'My Library' has disappeared from my Diigo Toolbar - 71 views

Try right clicking on an empty space on any toolbar until you see a context menu with "Customize..." Click it and look for the missing icon in the window that pops up. Drag the icon onto a spot o...

toolbar Firefox problem troubleshoot


problem with diigo sidebar : only shows - 48 views

Hello all, I have a problem with my sidebar : I use several lists, and the sidebar only shows me the first 20 favorites of the lists. On the web ("My Library"), I have a "page 2" or more on my li...

sidebar help problem

started by CERT CERT on 16 Feb 11 no follow-up yet
kathleen johnson

Meta page and sidebar problem - 23 views

Did you see the "my Library" tab at the top? Make sure you have "My Library" tab selected.

sidebar meta problem

Eric Brandenburg

Help Please. PB to find my bookmark on the public community - 25 views

PB means Problem. @sandy_diigo - yes I know and that was before the only tags for which marketest showed up in the public community search. I don't know why but it works for other keywords now. Sw...

resolved duplicate problem pb bug tag bookmark find public community

Christian Howd

Missing bookmarks after changing username - 19 views

It looks like it just needed time, because My Library has been populated with my bookmarks now.

changed username problem missing bookmarks data migration

Graham Perrin

"Original Size" links for images not working - 37 views

@ Frederik Van Zande Please, does look fine to you, too? Or is there still a problem for you?

bug redirect problem image original size error diigo v5 Amazon S3

Beatrice Gurell

"My recent tags" do not correspond to "my tags" - 14 views

Hi! I have imported bookmarks from mozilla firefox and the tags partly appear as "my recent tags" but not as "My tags". How can this be fixed? Thanks!

tags problem

started by Beatrice Gurell on 15 Apr 10 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin

Hilights not showing in articles, highlights saved out of order - 89 views

> highlights saved out of order Disorderly appearance (unpredictable order) is a fairly common issue that seems to come and go. Reverse order is another issue. Extracted annotati...

hi-lighter hi-light diigo problem bug

Graham Perrin

diigo & IE8 - 13 views

I am having problems highlighting things on this page one line will highlight but then the next won't for some reason and one part of the same line will highlig...

IE8 problem

Graham Perrin

Twitter use of mars the TinyURL route to Diigo Meta - 5 views

  • invitation to Google Wave in exchange for development of one simple web page
    • Graham Perrin
      I didn't want this shortening. I already had a short URL from TinyURL.
    • Graham Perrin
     issues a warning against No thanks to Twitter. No thanks to
    In a Tweet, I used the TinyURL of a Diigo Meta page. Twitter ignored my paste, over-wrote it with a URL that warns users against proceeding. No thanks for breaking my Tweet, kthxBYE Twitter and I must think twice before using it for sharing URLs. ( running StatusNet worked first time. Oh hai kisses.)
Graham Perrin

"no bookmarks tagged" problem - 40 views

Already, there are various topics on the subject. For each relevant topic that you find, please enable e-mail notification. Keyword: patience :-)

no bookmarks tagged bug tags problem tag resolved duplicate

Graham Perrin

Mozilla / Firefox Support / Knowledge Base /Troubleshooting extensions and themes - 6 views

  • Troubleshooting
  • Some problems with Firefox are caused by extensions or themes
  • determine whether an extension or theme is causing your problem
    Some problems with Firefox are caused by extensions or themes. This article will help you determine whether an extension or theme is causing your problem and, if it is, how to make Firefox run normally again.
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