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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Reijo Koskela

Reijo Koskela

Yellow highlight color sucks - 20 views

color colours hack
  • Reijo Koskela
    HACK: How can I switch yellow color to for example orange OR darker yellow? Yellow highlight and white background = not very visible.

    I need 4 or more different colors, but now I can only use 3: Green, Red, Blue.
  • Reijo Koskela
    I use Firefox Addon and Chrome addon. Maybe I can modify the Firefox Addon a bit?
James Page

How do I hide other users' highlights and sticky notes? - 24 views

diigo chrome ux sticky_notes highlights
Reijo Koskela

"Tikittävä aikapommi" Suomen taloissa: ikävä yllätys nurkan takana? | Uusi Suomi - 1 views

    • Reijo Koskela
colin scott

Diigo: A server error occurred... - 76 views

bug resolved toolbar error list smart folder
  • Reijo Koskela
    Server error still occasionally occur. I am using Firefox 3.6 and the latest Diigo addon.
  • Reijo Koskela
    You have not fixed the problem. Still I often get this with Firefox 3.6, latest Diigo addon, fastest possible Internet connection.
  • Reijo Koskela
    What do you mean by "We have fixed the problem." What have you fixed?
Reijo Koskela

Feature request: Hide Text. - 1 views

suggestion Hide text
started by Reijo Koskela on 06 Sep 10 no follow-up yet
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