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Chris Studer

Banner ad on meta page - 17 views

There are two scroll bars for the personal annotations area. The one farthest in from the margin does not scroll anything but the header and footer as far as I can tell. The one near the margin doe...

bug meta ads advertisement scroll bar


Scroll bar in my tags - 15 views

If you have many tags: * instead of clicking My tags   — presenting the hundreds of tags in the narrow column, one line per tag * a little higher up, click View all   — presenting...

scroll diigo suggest problems help tags suggestion

yc c

Hint: viewing tabs in Diigo Meta in Diigo 4.0 beta - 19 views

If you share with someone the meta URL of a bookmarked page, and if you wish to ensure that tabs are visible (to switch from public comments to history, and vice versa) you can use the following...

meta tabs bookmark history public comment switch view hide show reveal scroll page down up workaround hack help hint

Graham Perrin

Diigo Meta: previewed content fails to scroll to highlighted area - 2 views


bug meta scroll gpd4

Graham Perrin

meta view of classic view of Nabble scrolls too far horizontally - 5 views

See also meta view of Mail Online scrolls unexpectedly too far to a non-Diigo highlight

bug UI GUI meta horizontal scroll Nabble classic view gpd4

Graham Perrin

sticky note disconnected from its highlight at a Mozilla Firefox Knowledge Base support... - 3 views

As expected, also bugging the meta view in which that ve...

annotated view highlight sticky note position scroll Diigolet 4.0b5 gpd4

Graham Perrin

My bookmarks: FAYT menu of tags: keying down selects items that are invisible - 1 views

1. in a browser window that is shallow 2. My bookmarks 3. key tab three times, to reach the tags field 4. type the first letter of a tag 5. observe the menu drop below the lower boundary of the... bookmark tag FAYT menu scroll select accessibility gpd4

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