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Graham Perrin

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started by Graham Perrin on 16 Oct 08
  • Graham Perrin
    Whilst Safari may not lend itself to toolbars in the traditional sense, it may be possible to add sidebar features - comparable to those offered by Diigo toolbar for Firefox - to Safari and/or other WebKit-based browsers.

    Diigo Sidebar | This URL | Annotations
    is IMHO an aspect of Diigo with huge potential and it's this that I would like to be most prominent in a Safari sidebar.

    Annotations are probably not used most effectively, at this time, by Diigo users; only because people aren't drawn to the annotations interface with sufficient ease/immediacy. The three steps is debatably a disincentive.

    Exemplary approaches to sidebars in Safari include those found here:

    FWIW I make greatest use of Saft (though paradoxically, not the sidebar features of Saft; only because I have no need of them).

    (Cross reference where David.P expresses a direct approach to the third step.)

    See also open source-focused

    Thanks for consideration.

    Graham Perrin, Project/Media Development Officer
    CENTRIM - the Centre for Research in Innovation Management

  • Graham Perrin
 highlights an

    > EU survey on Internet-based collaboration in support of the research process demonstrates considerable EU interest in OSS

    As Diigo is already recognised as an excellent tool for research and collaboration, I wonder whether any resource associated with those EU projects might be steered towards development of an open source approach to richer interaction between (a) Diigo and (b) WebKit-based browsers…

    * Chrome
    * Safari
    * etc..
  • Graham Perrin
    > Exemplary approaches to sidebars in Safari include those found here:

    > See also open source-focused

    I can't recall exactly the URLs that were lost from this thread but the main one would have been

    OmniGroup are renowned for good use of UI features of Mac OS X - OmniWeb demonstrates sidebar thumbnails of tabs within a browser window - but that type of thing will be less portable to (say) Chrome.
  • Graham Perrin
    Subject: shifting focus away from the limited notion of a sidebar within WebKit-based browsers

    For the record, my thoughts over the past two months have shifted:

    * from integration (improvements that might be specific to Chrome or Safari)

    * to complements (applications, services and widgets that should be more useful than a sidebar).

    I use the expression 'widget' with hesitation. Related to widgets, there are a few preconceptions that should be set aside.


    For my own purposes: I'm now treating this topic as closed.

    If any reader, now or in the future, wishes to pick up a sidebar-focused baton: please, go ahead :)

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