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P. G.

[Feature Request] Link to the forums in the drop-down menu - 726 views

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started by P. G. on 04 Aug 08
  • P. G.
    Hi there,

    as I often visit the forums and have to go there painstaking with several clicks and scrolling etc., I want to have a link to the forums in the diigo toolbar drop-down menu! There's so much stuff in there, which I don't use at all, but really important interaction features like the forum are missing!! Can't believe it...

    Still I don't like the unclarity, when I post something here in the forums, if it gets read, mostly it seems not, or only late or it'll just be somehow not really noticed. I know you've got maybe a lot to do, but "customer service" and "listening to the customer" is a priority and as said, if you can't achieve this with this forum, that's ok, but to avert the future frustration for both of us when I "have to" write you a private message (because I feel like it gets no attention any other way!! Forum doesn't work, e-mail even worse!!), you should really register on and do the support stuff there!!

    Thanks for your help in advance & keep up the good work. :)

    Kind regards.

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