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Contents contributed and discussions participated by cory plough

cory plough

Either Diigo needs a "mark as read' button for Shared Bookmarks or they have one and Im... - 638 views

bookmarks dashboard shared suggestion
  • cory plough
    When you click on the 'Bookmarks Especially Shared with Me' link on the right hand side of your Dashboard you are taken to a list of all the bookmarks that have been shared with you over how knows how long. How can I make these go away? If I scan all those bookmarks, save the ones I want, and am done with them, I want the rest to dissapear. A 'mark as read' feature would be great here.
  • cory plough
    I understand that Wade, and that helps you know how many came in since the last time you looked. But its too heavy to have all the bookmarks that people share just keep piling up. THanks for listening, to you and Maggie.
    Wade Ren wrote:
    > There is already a counter "xx new" on that tab. "new" means since you last visit. So if you see "0", it means there is nothing new since you visited that page last time
cory plough

Fair use and transformativeness: It may shake your world - NeverEndingSearch - Blog on ... - 0 views

  • My new understanding:

    I learned on Friday night that the critical test for fairness in terms of educational use of media is transformative use. When a user of copyrighted materials adds value to, or repurposes materials for a use different from that for which it was originally intended, it will likely be considered transformative use; it will also likely be considered fair use. Fair use embraces the modifying of existing media content, placing it in new context. 

    Examples of transformativeness might include: using campaign video in a lesson exploring media strategies or rhetoric, using music videos to explore such themes as urban violence, using commercial advertisements to explore messages relating to body image or the various different ways beer makers sell beer, remixing a popular song to create a new artistic expression.
    • cory plough
      Transformative Use- what a beautiful concept for copyright law.
cory plough

Linking to Annotated URL's - 51 views

annotation nonuser url
started by cory plough on 01 Apr 08 no follow-up yet
  • cory plough
    If I annotate a page with sticky notes and highlights and then create an annotated url like this one:

    will people without a Diigo account/toolbar/diigolet be able to see my highlights and notes? I want to use this for my online lessons.

    Ive tried to test this but without uninstalling everything I cant be sure. Anyone know?

    Anyway for programmers to make this happen if it isnt possible now (which seems like its not)
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