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Graham Perrin

Some major problems: can't change/edit/remove bookmark, can't remove module in dashboar... - 52 views

For reference, at a Safari Web Inspector view of the relevant line.

dashboard remove bug

Graham Perrin

Dashboard: 1 group invitation leads to no invitations - 10 views states that I have 1 group invitation but when I follow the link, no invitations are presented.

dashboard group invitation count bug gpd4

started by Graham Perrin on 12 May 09 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin

Dashboard: 1 friend request leads to no requests - 15 views

Hello, I have the same bug: 2 friends requests appear on my dsahboard but no real request.

dashboard friend request count bug gpd4 review

Michael Stiso

2 suggestions: comment capability in lists, and put lists on dashboard - 10 views

Here are two things that would make Diigo much more usable for me: 1) Sometimes I bookmark a direct link to a PDF file. In lieu of highlighting (since this is a PDF, not a web page), I will add no...

suggestions suggestion list comment PDF dashboard

started by Michael Stiso on 07 May 09 no follow-up yet
Wins Fern

Help - 36 views

Thanks, that helps. As you said Developers may change it. Scott Allam wrote: > Looks to be a menu discrepancy for the html pages, depending on which web page you are currently looking at. It lo...

just in discover dashboard help inconsistency

Graham Perrin

Dashboard clutter - 55 views

Diigo 3 Dashboard is dead! Long live Diigo 4!

resolved dashboard clutter UI advertisements ads GUI TTW suggestion


Either Diigo needs a "mark as read' button for Shared Bookmarks or they have one and Im... - 644 views

I don't think there is a mark as read option. if you can find this let me know

bookmarks dashboard shared suggestion

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