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Soul Book

New Toolbar coming sometime? (plus ideas) - 38 views

diigo idea toolbar tab suggestion

started by Soul Book on 19 Mar 08
  • Soul Book
    I never come here, so apologies if this is something well known to everyone else. I've been using diigo for a year or so now (almost all from the toolbar) and its great. However I cant remember any new features or upgrades appearing. (i guess maybe movie clipping, but I never use that). I seem to vaguely remember that about 6-12 months ago when i was on these forums there was talk of toolbar beta testing... but i haven't heard of any update.

    I really like diigo, but it'd be great to see a few new features.. after a few web2.0 sites failing on me (spurl, zooomr (effectively), etc..) I start to get a bit nervous when there aren't any updates for so long. Plus, a lot of other cool sites have appeared in the meantime.

    Anyway, I don't want diigo to become totally bloated, but here are a few suggestions that'd really make things better for me.

    1-Ignore plurals. (so that if i tag things "book" and "books" I don't end up with 2 tags.
    2-Sort by frequency of use (so that my daily used bookmarks "float to the top").
    3-Favorites (starred items of whatever, which get priority in searches, ordering, etc..)
    4-Really good antispam, cos thats whats killed a lot of other sites, but i'm sure you know that.
    5-Prettier interface, more like magnolia. (diigo has way better functionality, but pretty interfaces get all the press coverage)

    (in general, more buttons directly on the toolbar, less options hidden in dropdowns)

    1-Filters/Tags/Lists directly on the toolbar. (kinda like live bookmarks).
    In particular, 1-click access to: most used, most recent, unread. Plus user definable tags/lists/groups.

    2-Mark read from toolbar.
    This goes with 1. If there is quick access to my unread items then there should be a quick way to mark them read. (i currently have to use the Read it later firefox extenstion, but that doesn't integrate with diigo. )

    3-tag autocomplete from search box.
    Ideally i could use the search box to enter tags, then press "Diigo" or "QuickD" to bookmark the page. (though this might make QuickD redundant, except as a way to mark it unread rather than read. )

    4-Some of the search options direct on the toolbar.
    In theory the diigo search options are great.. very customisable and for lots of sites. But i never remember to use them cos they are all hidden in a nested tree. If i could have "Web", "Bookmarks", "Blogs", "News", "more.." as direct buttons (with drop downs into the categories, and with me choosing which ones to show then i'd use it a lot more.

    5-Highlighted text as bookmark comment. If I highlight some text before pressing "diigo" then put it in the comment box. Put a clear button incase i didn't mean to do it.

    6-Integrated search results.
    If i do a google or other search (from the diigo toolbar OR the firefox search box) that has matching pages in diigo then put a little box on the right of the google search results with links to those pages.

    Both on the toolbar and on the site.

    8-BUT MOST IMPORTANT (almost forgot) = make middle click work right in firefox.
    In all my other toolbars middle clicking opens results in a new tab (in the background for me, but that depends on the user's preferences). But on the diigo toolbar it overwrites my current tab. very annoying at times.

    Another idea I had that seemed like it'd fit great with diigo is Change Notifications.
    I used to use for this (though only very occasionally), but recently i've wanted to monitor a few pages for changes and it seems to be so slow as to be unusable. There are a few other services out there that do it, but since diigo is already bookmarking, caching and highlighting the pages it seems like it'd be a pretty fitting addition to allow you to get updates (email, rss feed or on toobar) when the page (or only the content you have highlighted) changes.
    AFAIK no other bookmarking site has change notices, but it seems like a great fit for social bookmarking. It'd only be an option, not for every bookmark/highlight.

    lotsa thanks, tom

    PS/ want any beta testers for the new toolbar, if there is one?
  • Graham Perrin
    See also

    > does not work that way from smart folders
  • Graham Perrin
    Rounding off some points from this old topic …

    soulgrind r wrote:

    > 1-Filters/Tags/Lists directly on the toolbar. (kinda like live bookmarks).
    > In particular, 1-click access to:

    > most used

    Most used by the entire Diigo Community?

    > most recent, unread.

    Improvement present in for Firefox.

    > make middle click work right in firefox … new tab … But on the
    > diigo toolbar it overwrites my current tab.

    Fix present in for Firefox on Mac OS X. A modified click on a recent or unread item opens the item in a new tab.

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