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Fenman .

name of a group contributor ('Fenman ;' a.k.a. 'fenman') leads to no contributions and ... - 8 views

Hello. There is something weird going on here. Firstly I do exist! Secondly, I hope I haven't been banned - I've given no conscious reason. Thirdly, a post I made a few minutes ago about custo...

bug inconsistency group topic anonymous No-name profile

Graham Perrin

anonymous annotated link, is it possible? - 34 views

The opening post #1 is missing from this topic. A similar discussion,

annotated link anonymous help resolved

Graham Perrin

annnotated link shows none of my annotations - 36 views is intended to show my highlights and my inline comments. I realised that anonymous viewers of the annotated link saw only my highlights: * my group-shared sticky note...

get annotated link public anonymous bug gpd4

yc c

anonymous view of a user's *unread* public bookmarks - 30 views

My own signed-in view of my unread bookmarks is I experimented with a signed-out view of the same URL, the result is something other than the 'U... syntax tab unread anonymous public suggestion gpd4

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