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Graham J

"Unread" Bookmarks: Improved handling please! - 87 views

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started by Graham J on 17 Jun 08
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  • Graham J

    I really enjoy using the "unread" feature of Diigo - bookmarking something to check out later is one of my primary uses of bookmarks. However, I think this feature could be more cleanly handled. I have two suggestions that I feel would make this feature even more useful:

    1) Toolbar improvement: Add a "Next Unread" button to the toolbar, preferably as a primary button or else as a link in the Diigo menu. Bonus points: If there are no more unread bookmarks, this could change to "Next Recommended". :) (or to put it a different way: right now the toolbar is very focused on bookmarking pages, it would be good to see a little focus on finding and reading bookmarks.)

    2) Option to not share unread bookmarks: If this option is selected, then bookmarks won't show up in my public or friend bookmarks until they have been marked as read. Often I bookmark something just to check it out, and after reading it decide to delete the bookmark. This way, it never 'makes it to the surface' until I think it is good enough.

    Even without this, Diigo is still a fantastic application in all regards. Thanks!!
  • Chris Z
    Same for me. Even though Diigo supports a read/unread flag, I'm using the "ReadItLater" AddOn for Firefox because the handling in Diigo is too hidden. I'd like to have a "ReadItLater" button integrated in the Diigo toolbar, and also a tab for the unread bookmarks in the Diigo sidebar.

    Otherwise, yes, Diigo is great.
  • Chris Z
    I was just told that unread bookmarks are actually available via the Diigo menu. But I still find it confusing that they are missing in the sidebar and the Diigo toolbar button. Also, the "next unread" button in the toolbar would be handy.
  • Joel Liu
    You can access unread bookmark in Diigo top menu button ( the one between Bookmarks and Tools ). However, we will add an unread button on the toolbar according to the suggestion you and Chris made.
  • Chris Z
    Thanks. Maybe you can also add it as a checkbox or tab or something in the sidebar, so that you can also get a list of unread bookmarks for a certain tag.
  • Graham J
    Thanks, it's much appreciated!
  • Graham Perrin

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