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Graham Perrin

When will the Diigo bookmark be ready for Firefox 3.5.2? - 26 views

march j wrote: > try this solution. For Firefox 3.5.2, that approach is unnecessary. > a proper upgrade from @diigo would really be appreciated ... Diigo is compatible with Firefox...

firefox3 Firefox 3.5.2 resolved

Graham Perrin

Firefox 3.5 keeps "hanging" when I launch my Diigo toolbar - 24 views

Hi, thanks for the notes. Ideal :) Here using Diigo in Firefox 3.5 on Mac OS X, I can't reproduce the problem. Re Troubleshooting extensions and themes if you disable all extensions exc...

firefox3 Firefox

George Silverman

Bookmark button not working in Firefox - 21 views

My bookmark button is returning an error message in the Firetfox 3 Diigo Toolbar. Macbook Pro Firefox: 3.0.10 Toolbar: Leopard: 10.5.7 Error Message: XML Parsing Error: unclosed token ...

Firefox3 bookmark button bug

started by George Silverman on 21 May 09 no follow-up yet
Kepler L

Bug: make firefox crash when visiting long page - 34 views

I find the browser go alive when waiting for a long time. It maybe the page is too long and I add too many notes. Could you improve the diigo tool to reduce the response time and memory requiremen...

crash firefox3 crash (computing)

Graham Perrin

Bug in Collecting Flash | FF3 Toolbar - 103 views

Wierd glitches today. Has happened multiple times 1. Bookmark & collect flash on a site. (site being youtube and vimeo) Little message and checkmark (Collected!) shows up. 2. Go to My bookmarks 3....

bug bugs firefox3 toolbar Flash

Primus Luta

Firefox Sidebar Bug - 56 views

After some tests. Seems there's a conflict between diigo and dropio plugins which cause it. disabling dropio gets everything back on course. Arrix Z wrote: > Thanks for reporting. Your sidebar c...

firefox3 sidebar

AEIOU 11235

Firefox 3 Diigo 3.1.6 Toolbar Won't Sign-in - 161 views

Wow! Great job! Works again, thank you!

diigo_toolbar firefox3 signin

Hong Kil Dong

Diigo Toolbar cause annoying numerous proxy authorization requests on FF3 - 74 views

Yes, our proxy use Basic http authentication I've solved this problem adding Proxy-Authorization header to every request using "Modify Headers" extension

bugs firefox3 toolbar bug

Joel Liu

Integration with the FF3 Star - 59 views

FF3 star also indicates whether the page is bookmarked in Firefox. It may bring some confusions to users. However, we'd love to hear more opinions on this issue. BTW, Diigo toolbar will have a b...

bookmarking ff3 firefox firefox3 integration

Mark -

Exporting bookmarks with tags into Firefox 3 - 213 views

Is this still the case in 2012? I imported bookmarks exported as Navigator and I see no tags

export firefox3 keywords tags

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