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Graham Perrin

sidebar arrangements - 88 views

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started by Graham Perrin on 30 May 09
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  • Graham Perrin
    Additional considerations following major upgrade to Diigo 4.0 beta:

    * sidebar at left with Google Sidewiki

      — but not confusing feature set of Sidewiki with feature set of Diigo

    * overlay at right with

    * footbar (for want of a better expression) in Diigo Meta

    * page comments always missing from a variety of Diigolet

      — one that may be oriented to Diigo Meta, in which
        drawing of highlights and sticking of notes is logically prevented

    * all annotations missing from some annotated links

      — maybe a dog food issue

    * meta mixtures of public and group (sometimes private group) content

      — keyword: aggregation in particular in particular
  • Graham Perrin
    > Two sidebars seems dreadful to me

    Similarly, two toolbars at opposite extremes of the window seemed dreadful to me when I experimented long ago with addition of both Diigo and Zotero to Firefox.

    Borrowing from (sorry for the spread across multiple topics):

    >> collapsible sidebars at both left and right,
    >> defaulting to one of the two collapsed at any one time

    - in other words, seeing only one sidebar.

    > sidebar similar to's

    Would you like the sliding across of a sidebar to:

    a) overlay (obscure) the page content

    b) narrow and rewrap but not zoom the page content

    c) narrow and zoom but not rewrap the content?

    > Expose Meta information from Diigo (and other social networks)

    and a UI will require careful consideration of

    a) how to not confuse the reader with a mixture of public + private content

    b) what may be to come

    - it's good that the current 4.0 is recognisably a beta

    > Provide for in sidebar capture of the page

    Capture as in, 'bookmark'?

    (When I first read the word, I thought you meant snapshot, but then I read your last point.)

    > Add the collect flash function to the bookmarklet

    Would that be different from (less fiddly than) highlighting Flash content + nearby text?

    > Add the snapshot function to the bookmarklet

    +1 (obviously!)
    and I'll be pushing a WebArchive tag more in the future …
  • Graham Perrin
    > keeping the UI clean and fast.


    > I am moving more to favor an enhanced bookmarklet
    > instead of a toolbar/add in solution.

    Agreed, but I'm _extremely_ wary of any enhancement that might reduce ease of use. As an example, the recently enhanced contextual menu of Diigolet is often less streamlined than in previous versions. I find myself having to move the mouse maybe twice as much as before. Ouch.

    > perform the heavy lifting tasks in the main Diigo UI.


    I think of the 'core' of Diigo as libary + network + groups

    * community to one side
    * snapshots beneath the core
    * meta above the core: between the core and the bookmarked page
    * Diigolet at the forefront: ON the bookmarked page.

    To my eyes:

    a) no part of the core allows focus on a single bookmark
    b) all parts of the core are multi-purpose for multiple bookmarks.

    The absence, from the core, of a multi-purpose tool for a SINGLE bookmark
     i) means that use/positioning of features in the core is not 100% optimal;
    ii) leads me to focus much attention on the potential of Diigo Meta … 

    … and the absence of a sidebar from Diigo Meta brings that feature of Diigo into this topic.

    Keep the arguments coming :)
  • Sean Brady
    I think a sidebar that obscures content is ok, as long as it retains the current hide feature that the Diigolet does today.
  • Graham Perrin
    Sean wrote:

    > Add the snapshot function to the bookmarklet

    I wrote:

    > I'll be pushing a WebArchive tag more in the future …

    Here goes: relating to WebArchive: … necessarily begins with some technobabble but I kept it fairly brief. Note that whilst I have given much thought to the WebArchive option, and it's popular with various developers, my notion of what's possible doesn't necessarily translate into something that can or should be done by Diigo team. Respecting their preference to do things (very effectively!) in their own way :)
  • Graham Perrin
    The co-ment UI is inspiring. Examples:

    co-ment - As you like it by William Shakespeare

    co-ment - Internet & Création
    - the most recent version of a text
  • Graham Perrin
    Interesting use of a drawer, and split panes, in Fluidium.

    In the following screen shot I added a split for a mobile-oriented view of Diigo:

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