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Lamarck Jean

Show tags in sidebar's bookmarks - 81 views

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started by Lamarck Jean on 02 Jul 09
  • Lamarck Jean
    First of all, Sorry for my bad English, I'm not a retarded, just a young European guy xD

    When I tip a tag like "bioinformatics" in diigo sidebar it shows me all bookmarks tagged in bioinformatics but doesn't shows the rest of taggs associated with this bookmarks.

    For example. I tip "bioinformatics" in diigo sidebar and it shows 38 links. I would like to see the tags associated to each bookmark under it.

    Visual example in my sidebar
    Tag: bioinformatics X Filter button
    Bookmark 1:Bioinformatics tools of EBI (tools, EBI, DNA)

    Bookmark 2:Alignment sequences (tools, Blast, alignment)

    Bookmark 3: Phylogeny programs (tools, phylogeny, "evolution trees")

    Words in parenthesis are addicional tags related with "bioinformatics" tagged bookmarks

    Sorry, I can't explain it better.
  • Graham Perrin
    Hi, no need to apologise for language skills, we find users of many nationalities in this forum :)

    In many cases you will find a richer interface at Diigo online (not limited to the sidebar).

    See for example with

    * a list of matching bookmarks
    * a portlet of related tags.

    You can use the related tags portlet to add to, subtract from, or replace the tag(s) that you seek.

  • nadege austin
    Hi Graham,

    I have seen your different answers about the tags in the sidebar. I have to go with the users who would like to see this feature. I agree that the page is more powerful, but I work faster with the sidebar on next to the pages I browse, and this why I would love to see a cloud tag in the sidebar. This wouldn't be as resource-intensive as a dynamic search feature ("search-as-you-type") but it would allow to find quickly a bookmark.
    What I love about diigo is the ability it gives me to make a notebook of my browser : I can have instant access to pages on the web which I bookmarked, annotated and/or shared. If I could have access to all this while browsing (the wide screens are good for this) it just would be perfect! This is a vision that I have seen on no other website, and which I think is really powerful.
    I really hope that this feature (the tag cloud/list) will be taken into consideration for the next versions of Diigo!
    Thank you again for the great work!

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