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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Mr. DiGi

Estef Fdez

Diigo toolbar not working properly - 254 views

bug toolbar Firefox
started by Estef Fdez on 05 Nov 11 no follow-up yet
  • Mr. DiGi
    "Loading" issue in "Add a bookmark to Diigo" dialog is with us since Firefox 8.x Aurora builds (months ago).

    I hope for quick fix since 8.0 version is now stable.
Graham Perrin

private comments - 63 views

started by Graham Perrin on 05 Jun 11 no follow-up yet
  • Mr. DiGi
    This works bit stupid. It depends on Diigo sidebar - Annotations - "See: Private and Group annotations".

    "Private and group" -> comment will be private
    "...some group..." -> comment will be for group
    "All" -> comment will be public

    I'm not sure about Highligth's comments
Graham Perrin

Two or more volunteers, please - 15 views

help group moderate gpd4
started by Graham Perrin on 03 Apr 10 no follow-up yet
mike li

Diigo Library panel eats up my browser space - how to remove? - 105 views

diigo help firefox toolbar
started by mike li on 10 Feb 10 no follow-up yet
Array Suh liked it
  • Mr. DiGi
    There is a little arrow on top right... And injected link "Show results from Diigo..." next to Google's "Show options"
Mr. DiGi

Google Chrome Extensions: Diigo bookmarks - 27 views

    It helps you save bookmarks to diigo with one click. Diigo also saves a copy of the page
Jesse Kim

Tools for Google Chrome? - 1515 views

chrome google_chrome Opera sidebar toolbar suggestion
started by Jesse Kim on 03 Sep 08 no follow-up yet
Mr. DiGi

Google Sidewiki - 3 views

    Beware Diigo: Google strikes back!
Noel Reid

Suggestion: 'Find & Replace' tags - 45 views

feedback suggestion
started by Noel Reid on 13 Jul 08 no follow-up yet
Mr. DiGi

Can't add comment to group Floating annotation (comment is not saved) - 148 views

adding bug comments firefox floating annotation toobar
started by Mr. DiGi on 30 Jun 08 no follow-up yet
  • Mr. DiGi
    Page is bookmarked in my group with group floating annotation.

    I see floating icon and existing annotations. I can add comment on page but it is not saved - just disappears. It is same for floating sticky editor and sidebar too. Comment target is group, not public or private).

    Only way that is working is adding comment directly on Diigo's group page.
Rudy Garns

Advertising - 286 views

started by Rudy Garns on 27 Jun 08 no follow-up yet
Chris Z

Unread bookmarks in Diigo Sidebar and Toolbar - 40 views

started by Chris Z on 24 Jun 08 no follow-up yet
  • Mr. DiGi
    They are in "Diigo" Main menu (in Firefox - between Bookmarks and Tools) - not in sidebar...

    Chris Z wrote:
    > Can we have the unread bookmarks directly available in the sidebar and the diigo toolbar menu? I think it was possible in the old (v2) toolbar, and I consider it one of the most important features.
Mr. DiGi

Website Search form bug - 60 views

bug search web
started by Mr. DiGi on 22 Jun 08 no follow-up yet
Helaine .

Does Diigo work with the official, released version of FireFox 3.0? - 332 views

diigo firefox help resolved
  • Mr. DiGi
    Yes, without troubles.

    Helaine . wrote:
    > Does Diigo work with the official, released version of FireFox 3.0?
  • ...1 more comments...
  • Mr. DiGi
    I'm not using Digg. It looks like some conflict with Diigo's jQuery and Digg's jQuery. Is this trouble bug-reported here?

    Also I'm not using Download statusbar plugin, because Firefox 3 already have nice statusbar info about download progress.

    elmoglick wrote:
    > Not quite. The Diigo plugin prevents viewing of comments on Digg. It also breaks the Firefox Download Statusbar Plug-In.
    > Diigo may be more advanced, but doesn't screw the browser display up. Until they get the plug-in working properly, I'm back to the more compatible plug-in.
  • Mr. DiGi
    I can't reproduce that :( Sign out, sign in, without any troubles and crashes.

    Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; cs; rv:1.9) Gecko/2008052906 Firefox/3.0, Diigo Toolbar + 13 addons. But I don't install toolbar right now, it is update from older versions.

    Helaine . wrote:
    > I installed FireFox 3.0 and came here. When I tried to sign in, FireFox crashed. It continues to do so each time I try to sign in. I had to use Flock in order to leave this comment. :-(
  • Mr. DiGi
    ...and comments on Digg are working too :)

    Joel Liu wrote:
    > You can update to the latest diigo toolbar (Version: which solved the problem.
Mr. DiGi

Firegestures: Get Scripts - 0 views

    Control your Diigo Toolbar and add bookmarks by mouse gestures with Firegestures.
    Drag these links to Firegestures Scrips window: Diigo Show/Hide Sidebar Diigo Show/Hide Toolbar Diigo One-Click Save Diigo Bookmark This Diigo Email to... Diigo Collect Flash Sidebar controls: Diigo Bookmars Diigo Readers Diigo Annotations Diigo Add page Comment Diigo Friends Diigo Show bookmakrs/Hide Sidebar Diigo Search selected text in Sidebar
Mr. DiGi

Missing image file: our-rating.gif - 30 views

bug gui web-page
started by Mr. DiGi on 08 Jun 08 no follow-up yet
Mr. DiGi

Missing Floating/Sticky Notes icon - 63 views

bug firefox notes sticky
  • Mr. DiGi
    I don't know from when it started exactly (about month ago?) Sticky Icons gone. I have only plain number floating somewhere on page.
    I checked Sticky note place with Firebug. Icon is in CSS style (and Firebug can display it) - but it is not displayed on page. Maybe some kind of security?

    Image file (background:transparent url('chrome://diigotb/skin/float_icon.png') no-repeat 50% 50%;) is not displayed as blockable/blocked item in Adblock.

    Firefox RC1 (3 PC's with same behavior), current Diigo toolbar.
  • Mr. DiGi
    After today's Toolbar update are icons back. Thanks! :-)
Rick Shide

custom search changes not syncing - 41 views

customizedsearch search
started by Rick Shide on 22 May 08 no follow-up yet
  • Mr. DiGi
    Are you talking about ?

    I must restart browser to apply changes - but I don't use toolbar, just only popup menu and two small buttons (dragged from toolbar).

    Firefox 3 RC1, current toolbar...

    Rick Shide wrote:
    > ok, after a dozen attempts they finally are showing in the browser.
    > what's the delay?
    > Rick Shide wrote:
    > > my custom search changes are not syncing with the firefox browser plugin.
    > > the new searches that i add don't display in the context menu or in the diigo toolbar
Mr. DiGi

Enhanced Linkrolls for Groups - 65 views

enhancement groups idea linkrolls
started by Mr. DiGi on 21 May 08 no follow-up yet
  • Mr. DiGi
    Maybe nice idea:

    Enhanced Linkrolls for Groups - not only just Group Widget with members count but true linkroll with list of bookmarks.
Itinerant Trypsy

bulk actions: tagging multiple bookmarks with the same tag - 108 views

bulk edting actions bookmarks tagging tag batch suggestion edit
started by Itinerant Trypsy on 19 May 08 no follow-up yet
  • Mr. DiGi
    You can't, only Group/Forum owner... Option to edit is displayed at top right corner of the page (next to New Topis) - but I can't see it here (only on my own group).
Mr. DiGi

Sections are counted as bookmarks in lists - wrong paging - 31 views

bug lists
started by Mr. DiGi on 17 May 08 no follow-up yet
  • Mr. DiGi
    Sections in lists are counted just as ordinary bookmarks.

    Diigo correctly displays [20/50/100] bookmarks on a page (depends on your preferences), but counters on top and bottom of the list includes sections - and will display "next >" even when all bookmarks are displayed on first page.

    20 bookmarks per page
    19 bookmarks in list
    2 sections
    reloading page is needed to update top/bottom counters
    There will be next > pointing at empty page...
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