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Creating a Diigo account to represent a program - not a person - 61 views

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  • UN English Programme
    As the Coordinator of an English training programme at the United Nations, I'd like to change my new diigo account to represent our program - not just me. My team of teachers and I would use this account to share study websites with our students - and in the future, I could pass on control of this account to my replacement. For now, I'd use my personal work e-mail address for the account, but that could be changed if a turnover occurs.

    Is this possible?

    As I tried to make this change, I've encountered two problems.

    1. When I tried to change my profile picture from my family photo to a more general picture - it uploads fine, but doesn't update elsewhere on the website.

    2. Though I changed my name from 'Jodi Nooyen' to 'UN' (First name) 'English Programme' (last name), my account is still listed under 'nooyen'. Can this be changed, and, if so, how?

    Any suggestions?
  • UN English Programme
    Perhaps it would help if I showed you exactly what I'm trying to do. I simply want to use Diigo to create lists that I can refer to from a webpage.

    For example, on this webpage, my link to 'our recommended websites' goes to my Diigo list for preparing for the exam interview:

    On this page, 'out recommended websites' links to my Diigo list of websites that help prepare for the listening section of the exam:

    This is all working perfectly - exactly as I would wish - except that the link names (URLS) include my last name, 'nooyen', and I'd rather they didn't. United Nations regulations disallows us from putting our name on our work.

    Is it possible to change this? If so, how?

    Thank you for all your help!
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