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John Doherty

How to share or transmit a Diigo bookmarks collection with highlights? - 100 views

I'm having a similar issue, does a team or collaborate account can be created? I mean in order to grant access to multiple users.

diigo transmission merge import username collaborative question annotations highlights

Kees Romkes

Chaning username to something readable... - 8 views

Since I signed on using Facebook, instead of creating a new profile, my username in a link looks terrible and unremembarable, I'd really like to change this to something that I can remember and whe...

username suggestion

started by Kees Romkes on 23 Apr 10 no follow-up yet
yc c

Cannot interact w "No-name" (username) - 8 views

diigo username bug diigo_website

started by yc c on 18 Oct 09 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin

Creating a Diigo account to represent a program - not a person - 61 views

Perhaps it would help if I showed you exactly what I'm trying to do. I simply want to use Diigo to create lists that I can refer to from a webpage. For example, on this webpage, my link to 'our r...

profile picture name username educator

Amy VanDonsel

Feed User Issue? - 29 views

Awesome, thank you so much. Great job on this version, btw! Regards, AVD Joel Liu wrote: > It was caused by some cache issues. We fixed it.

feed username

Tony Lai

Changing email address / username - 83 views

Please drop us an email to info at diigo dot com with more details - we will help you take a closer look

email username

Maggie Tsai

Changing my username - 274 views

Sorry -- username is one field that we cannot change. It affects too many fields in the database, so we alert users to choose it very carefully and no change policy. Sorry!

change username

Maggie Tsai

Moving all diigo bookmarks to another diigo account? - 94 views

Similar to all major services like gmail, our username is an unique ID -- since a lot of data are based on that, any change will impact lots of data in the database and could potentially cause une...

diigo importing username

Graham Perrin

Three questions - 56 views

See comment below. philipp_grunwald wrote: > Hello! > > I have three questions: > > 1. How can I search this forum? I wanted to ask the other questions, but search before it, but how?...

bookmark forum search title url username suggestion

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