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Graham Perrin

Feature request: Highlight images and short words - 32 views

> images An image alone can not be highlighted. A common workaround: * include in your selection some relevant words on one or both sides of the image.

Image Picture suggestion highlight resolved duplicate

Graham Perrin

Creating a Diigo account to represent a program - not a person - 61 views

Perhaps it would help if I showed you exactly what I'm trying to do. I simply want to use Diigo to create lists that I can refer to from a webpage. For example, on this webpage, my link to 'our r...

profile picture name username educator

Graham Perrin

problems with some pictures/avatars and CAPTCHA - 22 views notes that the problem, whatever it was, didn't last for long.

bug profile avatar picture CAPTCHA resolved


Why i can't see the clipped pictures? -->> how to clip picture vs. video - 42 views

Hi Maggie! I checked, but the pictures did not appear even yet.. If you see my given link above in browser view you can see pictures embedded in the text highlights. (They are not stars:) I highl...

clip discussion picture


Hyperlink & Picture insert do not work in Rich Text editing mode of Sticky - 30 views

Thanks for quick solving of the problem!! maggie_diigo wrote: > Thanks for reporting. The new FF toolbar should fix this problem. Please verify. Thanks

bug hyperlinks picture sticky note

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