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Graham Perrin

trouble: can't see my "public" sticky when "see only private" - 11 views

there 's a trouble : I made a public sticky annotation , but I can't see it if I'm in "see only private annotations" . In my mind , "private" means mines and mines are included in Public, ( ...

bug diigo sticky annotations suggestion wording public private

Graham Perrin

Changing a Diigo group to a class group (educator account) - 9 views

> manage group" >> "group overview" That wording may be outdated. Possibly from version 3.x of Diigo, or earlier. Try: 1. Group settings 2. Edit then you should see the categories.

bug wording group groups educators class

Graham Perrin

Please add more to Group related search - 16 views

> avoid the repetition of {…text…} First thought: a more visual approach to searching. There are various visual search engines but the first that comes to mind is Carrot2, http://search.carrot2.o...

Diigo group tag related search request suggestion groups wording

Graham Perrin

One Of My Lists Was Marked "(shared)" - 15 views

> the word share is misleading. Suggestion (a truer word) added

bug wording menu share bookmark add list

Graham Perrin

Bookmark's annotations in the group's page don't match with my library - 70 views

> annotations in the group's page don't match with my library Often true. The word 'share' can be misleading. After the initial copy from your library to (say) two groups: * group activity i...

diigo bug wording annotation groups group library mylibrary

Graham Perrin

Convert Your Annotations to Blog Posts with 1-click - multiple pages with the same title - 7 views

Auto Blog Post (previously named Daily Blog Post) at is titled Convert Your Annotations to Blog Posts with 1-click Send to Blog at https://secure.d...

bug wording HTML title inconsistency orientation

started by Graham Perrin on 26 Oct 09 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin

an easier route from a library page (of many bookmarks) to a page that focuses on a sin... - 28 views

Even better: Snapshot - Context - Edit - Delete - Share▼ — preview is integral to the contextual (Diigo Meta) view — already, the snapshots page leads to the Diigo Meta page (a...

orientation UI GUI wording suggestion library meta bookmark menu share gpd4 973002 978264 981897

Graham Perrin

group: wording: titles of home page, invitation, e-mails, feed, linkroll etc. are misle... - 12 views

If the group is named Organisational restructuring working groups then the title of the home page is Group Organisational restructuring working groups's best content ...

wording group suggestion RSS feed page title linkroll gpd4

Vincent Tsao

For some group items, a search for items from the same contributor finds nothing - 12 views

bug fixed, Cross-referencing:

bug fixed verified resolved thanks inconsistency wording group member moderate gpd4 585885 971091 973892 thank you

Graham Perrin

titles of tag-specific feeds from group bookmarks are indistinct - 13 views

The title of is CTLT and Friends's feed | Diigo Group The title of

RSS feed tag wording title gpd4

started by Graham Perrin on 07 Sep 09 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin

hide public annotations from this page... not really working - 180 views

> Suggestion: seeing only one's own annotations > > Paolo Brocco wrote: > >> I want to see only my comments. > > +1 to that idea. See also Support of hiding unwanted comments an...

spam annotations suggestion hide filter wording public private spam (electronic)

Graham Perrin

Save elsewhere: Delicious: persistent invitation to validate account credentials - 30 views

At when I click to validate my credentials for Delicious, something appears briefly (maybe the word processing but the invitation to validate persists....

wording validate account save elsewhere Delicious gpd4

started by Graham Perrin on 06 Aug 09 no follow-up yet
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